Friday Photo Dump

TGIF!  Seriously.  I'm so glad the weekend's {almost} here.   This working-momma thing is exhausting.  It didn't help that we were in Iowa last weekend and got nothing done around the house.  No grocery shopping, no laundry, you get the picture.  And now that I'm working 40+ hours and tutoring a few more hours each week, all I want to do when I'm home is snuggle with my baby and/or lay and do nothing.  I told Craig last night that I didn't even have the energy to blog.  And I enjoy blogging!

I'm going to try and catch up on blogging this weekend. Try is the key word. I also have masters homework to do.  December 15's graduation can't come soon enough!!

So anyway, I missed last week's photo dump.  Turns out, not a big deal.  I only had nine Instagrams from the last two weeks combined anyway.  Here they are.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!  I know I will!

Top: Cutest baby on the block | Murdery Mystery setting "The Juice Joint" | Christmas is coming!
Middle: Kinnick waiting for trick or treaters | My little math nerd | Gangter & flapper
Bottom: Mommy's little pumpkin | "Southside Sal" at the partay | Dressed for election day - red, white, & blue!

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