No time for blogging lately.  (Story of my life it seems.)  Every spare minute has been consumed with working on my portfolio (final) project for my masters.  It's due on the 26th, as in nine days from today.  But it really needs to be done prior to leaving town for Thanksgiving...which is Wednesday.  I just started on it on Monday.  And I've known about it since the end of August.  My own fault for waiting this long, but I did not want to spend my maternity leave working on it.  And since going back to work, mid-November snuck up too quickly.  Anyway, the project requires seven papers and a presentation.  I'm done with 5 1/2 papers and the presentation, so I'm almost there!  I'm feeling much better about the stupid thing now than I did a few days ago, but it's still weighing pretty heavily on me.  Graduation in 4 weeks!  I can.not.wait!

In other news, we took Brantley for his 4-month appointment yesterday.  He's up to 14 pounds 13 ounces.  So our luggage scale was pretty close!  4-months means more immunizations.  Poor guy.  He forgot about them pretty quickly, but cried a little harder than he did at 2 months.  We also got the go-ahead to start rice cereal!  Our little man is growing up quickly. :(

No big plans this weekend.  Wait, really big plans.  We're putting up our Christmas tree tonight!  Wine, Christmas music, and holiday decor = awesome.  And with a baby this year.  I can't wait to start fun, family, holiday traditions!

I only took three Instagrams this week.  And the third I took yesterday just to have another pic!  Seriously, you know I'm busy when I only take three cell phone pics in seven days!  So, here they are!  My measly Friday Saturday Photo Dump.  Happy weekend!

Top: Favorite thing about the weekends | Practicing my sitting skills
Bottom: Almost the same size!  (He's gonna overtake you soon, Kinnick!)

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