Summer Bevs

Beverages, that is.  Here are two of my new favorites.

The first, my new favorite beer, Somersault!  Not something I'd drink while tailgating or in the hot sun while boating, but it's a good drink to have with dinner.

Funny story--about a month ago, Craig and I were chillin' on our deck with our umbrella lights.  He had a Somersault, which read "Serve at 45 degrees."  The nerdy math teacher in me could only comprehend that in terms of angle measures, and I was super confused how one could finish a beer only tipped at 45 degrees.  Duh, Sarah.  45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Needless to say, Craig tells that story a lot now, so I might as well laugh at myself and post it here!

My other fave summer beverage--the frozen margarita stick!  Remember those ice pops you used to eat as a kid?  Now they are made in margarita form!  Genius!  Very good, too.  And made right here in good 'ol Olathe!

Here are a few articles I found online.  Very interesting.  Sorry friends--it doesn't look like they're sold yet in Iowa.

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