I'm Ready

...for the 7 hour and 23 minute flight from Denver to Hawaii!  (Why, yes, I did google the duration of the trip.)

I have 2 books, 4 magazines, an iPod (with an array of new music), our new iPad (movies, Yahtzee, and Family Feud), a sucker bouquet to decorate (duh!--who doesn't take one of those?), and FOOD (after nearly getting sick on our trips to Jamaica and San Fran from lack of eating, I figured I'd pack a bag--or 4--of snacks).  Oh, and wet wipes.  You just never know!

You think I'm prepared??  I think so!  Good thing I bought a new, over-sized purse.  (I specifically did so just for this reason!)

Maybe if there's room to spare, I'll throw in a pillow and blanket.  I'm always cold on planes.  I'm sure people around me will be jealous.

48 hours til we're flying over the Pacific! =)  Happy Monday!

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