Mistaken Identity

I really love my job.  But being a teacher definitely has its fair share of downfalls.  Today, for instance, I got word from another teacher that I have a criminal record.  Yes, supposedly, Sarah Fritz in Johnson County, KS has been in trouble for bad checks, speeding, domestic battery, and...wait for it...felony drug possession and paraphernalia!  And she heard it from her summer school students!!

Mind you, I have never even smoked a cigarette, let alone been in possession of worse drugs!  Nor have I ever gotten a speeding ticket in my 12+ years of driving! *Knock on wood* 

Apparently, kids think it's fun to look up their teachers and see what kind of trouble they've gotten into!  And these are kids I've never even had!  {But will this coming year, lucky me!  Here's how I'll greet them on the first day of school, "Hi, I'm Mrs. Sides, used to be Miss Fritz, and I do NOT have a criminal record.  I look forward to a great year!"  Oh, what I have to look forward to...}

Talk about a mistaken identity!  I can assure you it's not me on those records.  Some other Sarah Fritz is unfortunately giving me a bad name.  And who knows how many students {past and present} believe it!  They believe anything!  Why wouldn't they believe I'm Sarah Fritz born in 1978?!  It's feasible...she's only 5 years older than me.  How embarrassing!

Oh well.  Casey {the other teacher} set the record straight and told them it wasn't me.  And the great thing about this is in a few years no one will know me as Miss Fritz.  Therefore, when they search for Sarah Sides, the records will be squeaky clean, like they should!

Check it out here if you want to see for yourself!

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