My Life is Complete

We went to the Royals game last night.  Boy, was it hot!!  Regardless, we had a fun time, and here's the best part - we were on the jumboton!!!!!  Yep!!  I tell Craig every time we're at Kauffman that it's my goal to be on that thing before I die!  The time finally came!  I wish we had a picture, but we weren't that quick.  It doesn't matter though......cause we're famous.  I mean, imagine how many people saw us! 

Ok, so maybe not.  Here's how full empty the stadium was.  Seriously Royals fans...

{I really do wonder how many students saw us....good thing we had ice cream in our hands instead of beer!}

Here are some other pics from our Monday night out!

We were on THAT thing!

We may not have a great team, but we have a pretty stadium

Very symmetric stats

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