I'm Lovin...

 Here's a random post for ya!  Things I'm lovin lately...

1.  Our iPad 

It finally arrived!  Remember that iPad the hubs won way back in April??  Yeah, that one!  Mr. Fedex finally brought it yesterday!  It's awesome.  Did you know you can subscribe to magazines on them?  Helloooooo US Weekly!  How cool is that?  What's stupid though is that they're not any cheaper than buying the paper copy.

2.  Hipstamatic

It's this app I downloaded on my iPhone.  Here are some photos I've taken with it. 

3.   Last class tonight!!

It's hard to believe it's been 6 weeks since I started my first Masters class!  I feel like all I've done lately is write papers!  I'm happy to say I have 6 ouf 36 hours complete until I'm done.  I'm also happy to have an {almost} 3 week break before the next session begins!

4.  New contacts

Yes, my contacts.  They're daily contacts.  I get to throw them out every night and open a new pair every morning!  Pretty awesome for someone who suffers from allergies as bad as I do!

5.  Starbucks Iced Via

I blogged about the non-iced kind a while back...remember??  The iced version is just as good, if not better, especially on these warm summer mornings!

6.  Summer School

Well, technically not summer school, but rather it's laid back-ness and relaxed atmosphere.  It's great.  Like today, I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, put on something semi-nice and comfortable, and off I went.  No makeup, no shower (why shower when I'm gonna hit up the pool 4 hours later??), and I don't even care!  Even better--I only have 3 days to go!!

7.  Much needed hair appointment on Friday

It's been since early March since my hair was cut (remember that Reece look I was goin for?) and December since it was highlighted!  Yikes!  I'm embarrassed about how bad it looks!  I've been putting it off for right before our Hawaii trip.  Friday can't come soon enough!

8.  Blake on The Bachelor

Can't hardly stand this season my fave reality show.  It's so scripted.  But I do love Blake!  Even better--my co-worker Jessica knows him AND he currently lives in Greenville, SC, where my cousin lives!  I'd for sure go to the dentist often if I lived there!

9.  Hats

Lately I've been wearing a lot of hats.  {Perhaps it's my horrid-looking hair?}  I think I've bought 4 or 5, just in the past year!  I've never been a hat lady, until recently.  Check it out.

10.  My first red tomato


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