I Heart Summer

Can I just say that I love my job?!  More importantly--I love having summers off!  I pretty much did nothing all week.  Well, I did clean a little.  And fixed dinner once.  And went to class on Wednesday.  And finished a book (for enjoyment).  And went to the Farmer's Market.  And hung out with K-dog.  And posted some wedding decor on Craigslist.  And booked our plane tickets to SC.  And worked on stuff for summer school--which starts Monday.  {Okay, so maybe I did more than I thought.  That gives me an excuse as to why I haven't done my homework yet...}  And spent 3 afternoons at the pool.  I must say, my tan is coming along nicely.  =)

My parents were planning to come down this weekend, but my mom's back has been bothering her, and she didn't want to risk injuring it further before our trip to Hawaii.  Which, by the way, is less than 4 weeks away!  Four weeks from today and one of my bestest high school friend will be Mrs. Sarah Flores!  Yay!!  Oh yeah, I also took my bridesmaid dress to be altered this week.

Since my parents won't be here, we don't have a lot going on this weekend.  Which is totally okay considering it's one of our only free weekends all summer long.

I guess that's it for today.  Pretty boring blog, but I said I'd blog more so I felt obligated. =)  I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer as much as I have so far!

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