Random Thoughts on a Friday Morning

It's hard for me to get much work done during my planning period on a Friday.  Instead, I'm here, blogging - my new favorite thing!
  • It's a sad day when I have to dig my North Face fleece out of the closet. =(
  • I love my algebra 2 kids this year.  I am so lucky to have kids that finally "get it"...meaning if they pay attention and do their homework, they will do fine!  Everytime I grade tests (which is what I should be doing now), I am reminded of how great they are. =)
  • Last Mill Valley football game tonight.  Excited for the girls' halloween dance, but it's going to be SO COLD!!!
  • I hope I have some Hot Hands at home.
  • I'm trying to make a habit of going to Zumba every Tuesday/Thursday.  It's an hour-long, latin-salsa, cardio-dance workout class.  It really is a lot of fun, but my legs are pretty sore today.  It makes me want to be on Dancing With the Stars.  Or at least take ballroom dance lessons.  One thing is for sure--I give the contestants a ton of credit for learning what they do each week!
  • Looking forward to the weekend--sleeping in, friends' wedding, carving pumpkins, and greeting the little trick-or-treat kiddos Sunday...that is, if I don't eat all the candy first.
  • Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Boxberger!  Looking forward to your wedding tomorrow!
  • Blog are fun!  I think more people should do them!  I love reading other blogs!
  • It's almost time for Christmas music!!!!
  • I'm going to have a student teacher starting in January!  I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I hope he's good!
  • Seeing Both Sides - the new name of our blog.  It needed a catchy title.
  • I hope my poor little Kinnick is okay.  I flung him off the bed overnight, on accident of course.  I didn't realize he was laying on my side so when I turned over, he was thrown off.  Oops.  Sorry dude.  He seemed just fine this morning.
  • An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.  Or so they say.  It seems to be working so far this fall.  (Knock on wood.))
  • Big Hawkeye game tomorrow vs. Michigan State.  We really need to win!!  Speaking of football, KU vs. Iowa State tomorrow.  Go Jayhawks!


  1. I love reading your blog! I hope you don't freeze and the game tonight. I sure do love having a student teacher now! And poor Kinnick....glad the little guy is OK after his tragic fall :-)

  2. Posts like this are what I like the best. Please keep it up so I know what's going on in your world.