October Odds and Ends

Parent-Teacher Conference Week.  Most teachers hate it.  I, on the other hand, don't mind it!  Number one, it means a short week with kids.  Only three days.  Can't beat that!  Number two, we get to sleep in on Thursday!  Our conferences are from 10am to 8pm on Thursday (4:30 to 8:30 the night before).  It was so nice this morning to be the one still in bed when Craig left for work.  (Usually it's the other way around!)  Number three, I get to tell parents how much their kids really suck.  Haha, not really.  I'm too nice for that.  And I've been blessed with some pretty great kids this year (96% average test grade in one class!!).  Number four, 14 hours of conferences usually means a lot of work time and even more time for socializing.  Teachers love to socialize!  And number five, we get Friday off!  Our first day off since Labor Day!  I can't wait to enjoy my day by sleeping in (yet again), going to my hair appointment (highlights, maybe some lowlights, and a trim), and picking up my personalized HWKIGRL license plates!  (Stay tuned for pics...)

Speaking of conferences, Craig thought it was the perfect time to tear up the next bathroom!  Yep, you read correctly!  I received a picture text at 5:30 last night of our sink-less main floor bathroom.  That was his way of breaking the news.  I guess he always needs a hobby...  So anyway, I suppose this weekend will consist of a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot, maybe even the Tile Store, to pick out some new bathroom furnishings. =)

This weekend also includes my first ever trip to Arrowhead!  I've never been to a NFL game, so I'm pretty pumped!  Craig says Arrowhead is awesome, and with the way the Chiefs have been playing, we might even see a win!  I'll be chearing especially loud for former-Iowa player Tony Moeaki!

Great weekend in store--the only thing that will make it better is a Hawkeye win against number 13-ranked (or 10, or 11, depending on which poll you look at) Wisconsin.  We;re one spot, or two spots, or three spots behind the Badgers...again depends on the poll.  It's a home game and I've got a great feeling about it!

Have a great weekend and go hawks!

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