Bathroom Remodel!

It's hard to believe, but we've been in our house now for a year and a half as of yesterday!  We've done a lot of updating--nothing major, just a lot of painting.  We decided our next major project would be remodels on the bathrooms.  They are pretty horrible--1989-style vanities and some pretty ugly tile, sinks, mirrors, etc.  I thought it would be a good project to tackle in the dead of winter, when there is nothing better to do.  Apparently Craig thought otherwise!  He took a Friday off in the middle of September to do some "yard work".  It turned out to be yard work and then some!  I came home to quite the mess in our basement.

Tearing up the old tile
Craig went to a tiling class at Home Depot to learn how to tile.  He decided to start with the basement bathroom since it's the least used.  We picked out paint, new tile, and a new vanity at Lowe's...that's the fun part for me, the only thing I'm good at!  For the record though, I did help paint. =)

Laying the new tile
Tile is done!
 If you've been to our house, let me remind you what the basement bathroom looked like BEFORE.

And here is what it looks like NOW!  

I love our monogrammed towel!

Craig did an amazing job for his first bathroom ever!  I'm lucky to have such a handy husband!  Now, it's onto the next.  Only 3 more to go!!!

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  1. Pretty sweet remodel. I'm trying to get Aaron to remodel one of our bathrooms. I desparately want a remodeled bathroom and yours is gorgeous! ~Erin