Happy Howl-oween Weekend!

Halloween weekend started off with the last home MV football game.  Surprisingly, it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be and MV came away with a win...which means playoffs and possibly another home game in two weeks.  I should be a supportive coach/teacher/fan and be happy about that.......but Craig and I really enjoy our football-free Friday nights.  The dance team performed their Halloween dance--a scary clown routine this year.  I recorded it so the girls could watch it, but decided to upload it here for your viewing pleasure.  =)  Enjoy!

Team photo
Silver Star Seniors

Saturday we ran some errands (trying to find a nice vessel sink for our bathroom) and I picked up my bridesmaid dress for my bestie's Hawaiian wedding next summer!  I love it---love the style and color!!!  I can't wait to wear it in Hawaii!!!!!

We also attended the wedding of our friends Travis and Alissa.  Though we were the only ones on the dance floor most of the night, we had a blast!  I apparently busted out some pretty sweet dance moves!  I think I was just celebrating the amazing Hawkeye victory. =)
Bride and Groom.  They took dance lessons for their first dance!  How cute!
And finally, Halloween weekend wouldn't be complete without a dog in costume to greet the little trick-or-treaters.  Kinnick LOVES watching for squirrels, so when I saw this squirrel costume at Target a few weeks ago, I HAD to have it!  He's not a fan, but he doesn't get to decide. =)
He's not a fan of the head.
He's embarrassed... Mommy thinks he's cute!
Mommy made me pose by the pumpkin.


  1. I tried twice and the dance video won't upload. Sorry to get your hopes up!

  2. So did Kinnick end up chasing himself?