Before and Afters

After posting the pictures of our remodeled bathroom, it got me thinking about how much our house has changed.  We have put so much work into this place!  We have a long way to go and there's so much more we'd like to do, but we're making progress...HUGE progress!  And though I'm sure our next place will be newer and nicer, it will be hard to leave this place after finally having everything just the way we want it!  Here are some before and after pics...

Living Room

Dining Room

Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Upstairs Bathroom


Main Floor Bathroom

(Okay, so we haven't done much to the basement except fill it with furniture!)

Laundry Room

The pictures are SO amazing to me!  However, I'll be happy if I never pick up a paintbrush again... =)


  1. Um your house is amazing! I am so jealous and I love your interior decorating skills! Youve got some great taste, now I just need to come see it in real life!!!

  2. Looking good. I looked at a couple of places in the Fargo area yesterday so I'm looking for ideas. I especially like that you've put some color into the place although when/if you ever sell the place your relator is going to tell you to paint everything beige...