Summer Birthday Exchange

For the second year in a row, I participated in a summer birthday exchange among a handful of some pretty famous bloggers.  Or at least, they're famous in my eyes!  And it technically wasn't me who participated, but Brantley, plus all of the bloggers' kiddos!

Our Secret Santa-style partners were Julia {blogger} and Myles {birthday boy} at The Everyday Momma.  This was a new blog {and blogger} to me so I had to snoop around a little to learn all about those two!  Like Brantley (and many of these kiddos below), Myles will turn 4 this summer.  He adores all things superhero, which is what I based the main part of his gift on.  I'll leave it at that and you can check out Julia's blog post for more!

When Brantley's gift arrived to our doorstop, I couldn't help but laugh because it was sent from our friends, Brittany {blogger} and Charlie {birthday boy} of Just Another Day in Paradise, who live just five miles down the road!!  Brittany and I started as blog friends about four years ago, but have since become real-life friends who now attend the same church (except that we haven't been in awhile!) and belong to the same mom's group!  And clearly, great minds think alike because Brittany {and Charlie} sent exactly what was on Brantley's list my list for Brantley without even knowing!!  Add it to the multiple ways in which we're more alike than not, Brittany, and thank you for the game, ball, and package of fruit snacks (which were promptly eaten)!

I think that takes care of all Brantley's birthday-related posts!  For a list of other bloggers who participated, see below!

Ashley and Waverly // Being Brickner
Elizabeth and Mason // Chasin' Mason
Laureen and Tyson // Chateau Deveau
Brittany, Charlie, and Maddie // Just Another Day in Paradise
Desiree and Julia // Macke Monologues
Natasha and Ethan // Schue Love
Sarah and Brantley // Seeing All Sides
Vanessa and Arden // Sunflower State of Mind
Julia and Myles // The Everyday Momma
Traci and Charli // The Hallway Life
Amanda and Lily // Tickled Pink
Laura and Liam // tiny toes, little nose
Whitney and Brielana // Work It Mommy


  1. So fun!! That game looks like so much fun and will cause lots of laughs. Ha ha! Brantley looks like a happy boy.

  2. Pie face is all the rage right now! What an awesome gift and good that she didn't have to pay too much in shipping!

  3. Aw so fun! He is so adorable! I need to get that pie face for my nieces!

  4. Aww this is awesome! I can't wait to have kiddos so I can join in!

  5. PIE FACE!! That is played SO often in our house, but with and without whipped cream!
    Brittany did an awesome job!

  6. So fun! He's adorable. Happy Birthday, sweet boy! XOXO

  7. Oh my gosh, this is the best! I LOVE his face when he opened pie face! You guys are going to have a blast playing that game. My niece got it for Christmas and we died laughing playing it. Even Seth's 95 year old grandma took a turn!
    Happy Birthday Brantley!

  8. So funny your were paired together!! Ive heard great things about Pie Face, have the camera ready ;)

  9. How are you so lucky to have all these real life blog friends! Jealous! Also, I have heard amazing things about lie face and totally need it!

  10. This is such a great idea, and what a sweet gift!! He certainly looks excited to be opening it!!

  11. So funny that they bought something that was on your list! You're going to have to update us on the game! I still have never played but would love to pie face my son! Thanks again for the gifts for Myles! You guys were the best partners!

  12. I am so bummed we sat this one out! I just had too much on my plate gearing up for our big trip. Pie Face is such a fun game! You’ll have to take pictures or videos when y’all play!