Shop Small for a Day // DEALS FOR TODAY ONLY

First of all, in no way am I being compensated for this post--just passing along a good deal!  I was scrolling through Instagram this morning when I came across a post about a small business promo code good all day today at 100+ small business shops.  So naturally, I did a little investigating and discovered that a few of my wish list items for Baby #3 are well as some additional products too cute to pass up!  The promo code is SSPJULY and it's only good through today!  Here are my favorites!

Bannor Toys // 15% off 

 This state rattle is stinkin' adorable.  You can customize the colors and order it to be personalized or not.  (I screen shotted the Iowa rattle only because it has a better shape than the boring rectangle that is Kansas.)
 Baby Bling Bows // 25% off

If this baby was a girl, I'm pretty sure we'd be broke from bow purchasing alone.  Good thing he's a boy.  #saysmyhusbandeveryday  How cute are these three knot bows!?

Binxy Baby // 15% off

One of these shopping cart hammocks is on my wish list!

B.Stamped // 50% off of $20+ purchase

I have a similar necklace with my boys' names that I wear every single day.  Definitely going to need a new one that also includes Baby #3's name!  And seriously, 50% off of any order $20 or more?!  That's amazing!
Covered Goods // 15% off

Another item I just wrote about on Tuesday!

Dockatot // 10% off

I've seen many a new mom rave about these things in recent weeks.  With a $165 price tag, I'll pass for now, and hope this baby is as good of a sleeper as my other two!

Fawn & Clover // 20% off

I didn't include any personalized items on my wishlist, but I would sure love one or two items.  This swaddle + hat is adorbs.

Feltman & Co // 10% off

This handmade teether is as cute as it gets!

Flourish Leather // Free Shipping

I'm in love with this leather bracelet (and there are tons of alternative colors and styles!).  Prices are already low, so they are offering free shipping!

I already have similar tees favorited on Etsy for when our little arrives!

I was never a fan of the teething necklaces when they first came out, but now there are such cute and trendy styles.  I love this one!

Marley Monsters // 15% off

These baby gift sets would make for such a fun gift for any new mama!

Mint & Birch // 10% off 

Another option for personalized jewelry.  I heart the rose gold bar.

Swim Zip // 20% off

I'm thinking this UV protective option would be amazing for next summer when I have a 6+ month old.  "I really love putting on sunscreen" said no one ever--and this would totally minimize the surface area required.

And once again, where is that money tree when I need it?!?!


  1. Oh how awesome! These are all great finds. I am obsessed with the personalized blankets and hats.

  2. Oh my! I love all of this. The necklaces are adorable. Great finds and great buys. :)

  3. I wish I had seen this post earlier in the day lol. Bannor toys are gorgeous! Not that we need any rattles but I would love a personalized state one just to have as a memento.

  4. Ok seriously, this post is not even of a baby and is giving me baby fever. I wish I had even half of this stuff when Mason was a baby!

  5. Yesterday I ended up ordering the state rattle for a friend who is having a little boy in September! I can't wait to get it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh I love it all!!! You need to get the personalized hat and swaddle. I can just see it now! ;)

  7. The rattle is fantastic! If only my brother and sister-in-law would decide on a name I could order one!