30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge // The Last 15

I had so much fun with Megan's 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge.  I loved pushing myself to take photos to fit each theme--some I would have taken regardless, but others I would never have attempted.  I love that I got the extra practice with my DSLR and I'm proud of all of the photos I captured.  Of course, I'm sure my kids are thrilled the challenge is over, but don't be fooled; I have no plans to put down my camera any time soon! ;)

 Like with my photos from the first half, most of these (but not all!) were taken on my DSLR using my 50/1.8 lens, transferred via my wireless SD card, and edited using only the Color Story app on my phone.  The boys went to Grandma's on day 16, so my photos were a little boring for awhile. :) :)

day 16 // evening

day 17 // shadow

day 18 // summer uniform

day 19 // baseball 

day 20 // dance

day 21 // sprinkler

day 22 // travel

day 23 // smile

day 24 // someone I love

day 25 // adventure

day 26 // swim

day 27 // summer tradition

day 28 // making me happy

day 29 // reflection

day 30 | grateful


  1. I loved all of your photos from this challenge. Seeing them each day made me smile. Great job!

  2. Goodness, I love these photos! For some reason I missed out on the photo challenge, it looks like it was so much fun!

  3. These are great, Sarah! I have so many favorites :)

  4. You ROCKED this photo challenge, friend! It was exciting to see Crazy Bananas reposting your photos quite often. I love all of these photos, but there is something about that last one that makes my heart so so happy. It just radiates joy and happiness!

  5. The travel, summer tradition, and grateful after my favorite!
    You rocked this challenge!