A Visit With the Easter Bunny

This past weekend was all kinds of festive for us.  Not only did we decorate Easter eggs, but we visited the Easter Bunny, too!  We prepped Brantley by showing him his old pictures with the Easter Bunny (2013 | 2014) and told him he needed to tell the Easter Bunny what he wanted in his Easter basket. (Is that what one is supposed to do while on the Easter Bunny's lap??)  I may or may not have told him the only way he got candy was to smile in his picture. ;)  It must have worked, because he was so excited to sit next to the creepy friendly animal.  Holden, on the other hand, not so much.  However, he didn't scream as expected...he didn't even cry...though he was on the verge.  But I'm going to go ahead and consider this a major success!


  1. Totally consider that a win ... I don't even think Waverly will walk near the section of the mall that he's in this year ... ;)

  2. You got a great photo!! The boys did so well, considering I think those bunnies are totally creepy. :)