Our Easter 2015

Easter is always a hard holiday to travel for.  We don't get any extra time off of work (why is that??) and we always feel obligated to stick around after lunch a little later than we do on a normal weekend away.  Of course, that puts us back home later than we'd prefer, and then to get up and resume life normally the following day can make for a rough start to the week.  So sometimes we travel for the holiday, but often times we just stay put in Kansas City.  This year, however, we decided to head to Iowa.  The Easter holiday meant we'd see lots of extended family, but also my sister just had a baby last Monday, so it was a good weekend to go meet the little guy! 

Anyway, back to Easter.  On Saturday evening, Gramma hid some Easter eggs for Brantley, Holden, and their cousin Kellen.  Holden didn't participate, so Brantley enjoyed finding double the eggs for his brother.

Easter Sunday was gorgeous!  Sunny, 65, and just perfect.  I tried to get a picture of the boys, but it didn't go so well.  This was the best I got in 12 takes...

We spent some time at Gramma and Papa's before heading to my Grandma Fritz's farm for Easter lunch.

We were lucky to get a couple of good decent family pictures at my Grandma's.  And one more semi-cooperative photo of the boys.

Back home tonight, the boys discovered what the Easter Bunny had left in their Easter baskets.  As expected, Brantley loved the tennis balls more than anything.  Holden was just happy to be home and out of his carseat.

It was a pretty fabulous Easter weekend!  We enjoyed the extra family time and the amazing Easter weather, even if it makes for a long week ahead.

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