Funny Story Friday

Disclaimer: This might not sound quite as funny when typed out, but it sure had me crying in laughter when it happened.

Last week on bath night, I thought it'd be fun to give the boys a bath in our master bath whirpool tub. It's big, has bubbles, and we didn't have anything like it in our old house.  What kid wouldn't love it?? Brantley hopped in as I started filling the tub and things were seeming very normal.  Then I put Holden in, and for whatever reason, he wasn't having it!  Like he wanted nothing to do with the bath tub and every bone in his body was trying to climb out.  (Up to that point, he had always loved his baths. However, this was his first bath without the bath seat...clearly he wasn't a fan.)  Craig suggested I get in with the boys and perhaps Holden would feel safer.  So as weird of an image as that paints, I disrobed and climbed in.  Although a tad calmer, Holden still wasn't loving it.

The tub was still filling with water, but not quite above the jets.  Well since this whole whirpool tub thing is new to us, Craig went ahead and turned them on.  Big, huge mistake.

If you're as naive as we are were, let this be a lesson: DON'T TURN ON THE JETS UNTIL THE WATER LINE IS WELL ABOVE THEM!

The water started spraying everywhere - in our faces, in our eyes, on the walls, on the floor next to the tub, on the floor across the room.  Heck, I'm almost certain our clothing would have been drenched had our closet door been open.  And not only that, but it was loud!!

Remember that already finicky 11-month old?  Yeah, not a cool move, Dad, not cool.  Holden freaked out about 50 times more than he already had.  And Brantley?  A lover of all things water.  He was terrified and kept yelling, "I don't like that, I don't like that!"

I was laughing hysterically.  And there wasn't much I could do with a naked baby in my naked arms and water in my eyes.

Craig couldn't shut off the jets quick enough.  Though it seemed like a good two minutes of chaos, I'm sure it was more like five seconds.

We tried to turn on the jets again once the water was deeper (read: above the jet level), but Brantley hated it.  I'm pretty sure we scarred him for life.  He's now terrified of our whirpool bathtub and it may be years before he is brave enough to set foot in a hot tub.

As for Holden, he is still terrified of the bath tub--whirpool tub, regular tub, and with his bath seat.  I have no idea why.  He loved them two weeks ago, and now like the flip of a switch, he despises them. Good thing swimming pool season is only a month and a half away...

An old picture...back in happier times when the little one loved to take baths.



  1. No, it is still funny. I was laughing out loud. I can just see that water spraying everywhere and Brantley screaming "I don't like it. I don't like it.". I wish you would have screamed "my eyes, my eyes".

  2. OH NO!! Yea, I don't see any baths in that tub for a while! Was it loud? I remember (well, it was like 15 years ago) but my parents' was so loud! I never used it because of that.

  3. I am hysterically laughing! "I don't like it. I don't like it".

  4. HAHAHA!!! Um this is hilarious!! And can I tell you a secret? Jimmy and I learned this the hard way on our honeymoon because we had never had jets before. Our first night and we almost flooded our room because the water was everywhere! I can only imagine with a toddler and baby in there - haha!!