What's In Our Easter Baskets?

Easter really snuck up on me this year!  I knew it was the first weekend in April, but it wasn't until we were asked to bring a small toy to MOPS to stock an Easter basket for the Ronald McDonald house that I realized I better jump on filling my own kids' baskets, too!  Brantley was easy.  I can always think of things to buy him.  He loves the outdoors.  He loves sports.  He loves cars.  He loves candy. He's old enough to color.  He's old enough to actually enjoy and use most things I could get him. Holden, on the other hard, was a bit more difficult.  We already have a bijillion toys for 1-year olds and need nothing else in that department.  He has all of Brantley's hand-me-downs, so his closet is stocked. And he's content climbing stairs and playing with the same ball all day long.  Nonetheless, I found a couple of things and threw in a first birthday t-shirt that I already had stashed away for him. I feel bad, but the hubs told me it didn't matter and that Holden would never know the difference. Sure...until he's 15 and reads my blog.  Then he's going to resent me big time. Sorry Holden, I promise I still love you just as much!!


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  1. What a fun link-up! Love the basket goodies!! Happy Easter!