Holden Beckett: 8 Months Old

Oh, Holden Beckett, you are eight months old already and only four short months from your big first birthday!  And let me just say, big things are happening!  You have mastered sitting for long periods, can quickly go from a crawl to sit position, are clapping, climbing, reaching, and drinking from a sippy, have your first tooth, and have started pulling yourself up to a standing position.  Whew--big things, I told you!

And these monthly photos?  Here's how it went this month: put you in position, climb up on the bar stool, climb down because you moved and reposition you, climb back up, attempt to focus my camera, climb down and reposition you again/fix the blocks, climb back up and focus my camera, scream, yell, and dance {on the bar stool} to keep your attention...and eventually snap the photo.  A below-average photo, I might add.  It was the same way with Brantley, if I remember correctly, and it was at eight months that I was ready to give up! 

Nonetheless, eight months is so much fun!  You're still a baby, but oh so close to those early toddler months.  Your personality is showing more than ever before and you are just the sweetest thing!  You are definitely less rambunctious than your older brother was at this age, but that doesn't mean you're a perfect angel.  (You love the dog food/water bowl, for instance.)  You're also more interested in your toys Brantley's toys and can entertain yourself by playing for some time.

Eight months is exciting because it's the holiday season!  Even though you're not into the presents quiet yet, it's still a special time, and I look forward to celebrating your first Christmas.  I'm also looking forward to my extra time off with you!

Until next month, little man!

Xoxo, Mama

8-Month Update:

Size | I have no idea.

Words | Lots of ga-gas and ba-bas

Activity | For the first time ever, I would say you entertain yourself by "playing" with toys.  You army crawl around the house at record speed and get easily get where you want to go!  You still love watching your brother's every move, chasing him around, and your doorway bouncer.  (Brantley loves swinging you in it, and you love it too.) 

Food | Down to about 4 bottles per day: 6 to 7 ounces each time.  Solids two to three times per day.  We tried baby meat for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and surprisingly, you loved it!  You are doing better with rice/oatmeal, fruits, and veggies, but it really just depends on the day and your mood.  You love baby snacks - Mum Mums, Puffs, yogurt bites, cheerios.

Sleep | Nights are still great.  Naps are still not-so-great.  We're lucky to get two naps per day.  An hour is a good nap; thirty minutes is more realistic.

Bedtime/Waketime | Bedtime around 7 or 7:30pm.  Wake time is as early as 5am or as late as 6:30am.

Hair | Light brown.

Eyes | Bright blue

Teeth | Your first tooth (bottom front left) finally cut through at three days shy of eight months.

Wardrobe | Pretty true to size.  6 to 9 months in tops/onesies, but you still fit into 3-6 month pants.  (The same was always true with Brantley.)

Diapers | You've been ready to transition into size 3s for some time now, but we're trying to use the over-abundance of size 2s first.

Likes | Brantley, Kinnick, baby snacks, your doorway bouncer, toys, baths (until it's time for washing your hair), the dog bowl, playing peek-a-boo.

Dislikes | Being tired, being hungry, having your face touched, having your hair washed, showers with Daddy.

Mommy's Fave | Seeing you interact with Brantley.  It's obvious you adore him and vice versa.  He constantly tried to entertain you and you always laugh and smile at him. 


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