Christmas Eve & Day

Like I said previously, Christmas this year was spent in Wichita with Craig's family.  It's always fun for the boys to see their cousins (who adore them), but that also meant a napless Christmas Day and multiple late bedtimes in a row.  We are still paying for that with a whinier-than-normal-toddler, but 'tis the season, right? 

Christmas Eve
We celebrated Christmas Eve with Craig's extended family at his aunt and uncle's house.  The best part of this celebration is always the adult gift exchange to which I came away with a cooler full of beer and Craig got a beverage dispenser.  There were lots of alcoholic beverage gifts this year...which also meant lots of stealing.  The kids exchanged gifts, too.  Brantley got a pretty sweet Hot Wheels race track, while Holden got a Dino Ball Popper, among other little things.

Christmas Day
Christmas Day was spent back at Craig's parents' house with his two sisters' families and the nine grandkids.  Brantley loves his cousins and though it can get pretty crazy and loud, it's a lot of fun watching them interact.

There's never a shortage of help with Holden...this family loves babies!  Can you tell?

I said Brantley went sans-nap on Christmas Day, which was kind of a lie.  He fell asleep at 6:15 and we thought for sure he was out for the night.  I even tried to take him to bed, but after a very short-lived cat nap, he was back at it.  Here he is showing his cousins, Brekkyn and Adley, his iPad.  It looks like he's crying, but he's actually yelling and laughing hysterically.

If the pictures are any indication, we had a fabulous Christmas 2014.  But there's still one more celebration to document--the celebration between Craig, myself, and the two boys.  Also known as my most favorite Christmas, it's coming soon!

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