Toddler Talk: Brantley Said What?

It drives my husband crazy when people quote their children on Facebook.  And half the time, it's not even that funny.  So I promised him never to do such, but that doesn't mean I can't document his little sayings on here. :)

Brantley is at such a fun stage right now.  He repeats everything we say.  Everything!  And puts together words to make sentences.  It's truly amazing how quickly they catch on to language.  It's also funny how they interpret things and the ways in which they put together their words.  Perhaps the most fun part about having a 2-year old!

I'll admit, some of these won't appear to be funny.  In fact, some of them aren't funny, but phrases he mutters, nonetheless.  And I want to document for the sake of remembering all the little things that make our 2-year-old Brantley, Brantley.

Brantley at 24 Months:

Mama, look!  
(But it sounds more like, Mama, duck!)

I broke ick.

Help please.

Beer please.

I tooted.

{When we're looking at something on our phones or after we take a picture of him}
I wanna see!

{After each meal}
Mah-yi-be excused? 

{Whenever he hands us something, usually a ball to pitch to him}
Thank you, Mama.

{Whenever he climbs into the chair while I'm holding Holden, or whenever I'm carrying around both of them}
Mama two babies.

I need Kleenex.
(What two-year old asks for Kleenex?)

{Whenever we hold up our phones to take a picture of him}

{Whenever I am done pumping}
Boobies done!!

Us: Brantley, do you know where we're going?
Brantley: Baseball game!!!

Me: Brantley, what color is Holden's hair?
B: Blue!!!!  

Me: Brantley, what's your name?
B: Carter Siiiiiiiides!!!

{Whenever we change his diaper and he has a bad diaper rash.  Which is more often than not.}
Butttttt hurts.  OR  Booooty hurts.  OR  Butttttt, buttttt, buttttt!

{When we ask him to identify himself in a picture}

Gooooooo (insert favorite team - Royals, Hawkeyes, Jayhawks, Chiefs)

{Daddy's Fave}

Rock Chalk Jayhawk 

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