The Lake This Year

Instead of spending a full week with my family at the Lake {of the Ozarks}, we spent just five days this year.  Saturday until Wednesday.  With Craig's new job and a couple of other upcoming trips, we didn't want to spend all our money or vacation days in one spot.  Turns out, five days was about near perfect. 

It was slightly harder this year, with an additional kid.  First of all, we realized that a mini van is inevitable.  Even with our Highlander and an overhead carrier, we were stuffed to the brim.  I'm not sure how or where a third child would fit...hence, the minivan. 

Once there, our family of four shared one bedroom (luckily, the largest of the three).  But that was still difficult seeing that we all went to bed at different times, Holden awoke around 6:30 each morning to eat, and Brantley was in a strange, new bed (a full) all by himself.  (Though usually I'd hop in with him as quick as a whip the moment he started to stir in an attempt to keep him sleeping longer.)  We made it work (and had a great view!), but let's just say I was more than happy to return home where the four of us are split between three separate bedrooms. :)

As for what we did each day - the same as every other year.  My dad fishes, the guys play tennis, we take turns making dinner, time at the park, cards/games each night, and lots of pool time.

Brantley got in some quality time with his cousin, Kellen, and it seemed the two loved playing together more than ever before.

On Tuesday, Craig and I went into Osage Beach for a little outlet shopping.  While we were shopping, I checked the temp and it was a whopping 66 degrees!  Unseasonably cool, definitely the coolest it's been since we started going in 1997.  Needless to say, I was cold.  Craig thought it was amazing.

Funny story--while we were shopping, Brantley found one of those size markers that go around the wire part of the hanger.  Well, to him it was a soccer ball.  He freaked out every time he thought he lost his "soccer ball".  Which was approximately every two minutes.  What was funny at first got annoying really fast.

On Tuesday night, we went to dinner at our annual spot - Paradise.  Dinner this year was just okay, but we did manage to get the best family of four picture to date.

Other lake highlights this year include feeding the ducks (and fish), catching lightning bugs, a little mama time at the pool, a family swing in the hammock, and playing "basketball" with a walnut found on the ground.

Thanks for a fun time.  Until next time, Lake!

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  1. I love your hubby's KC hat! We are die hard Royals fans over here :)