Holden Beckett: 3 Months Old!

Holy three months already!!  Where in the world is the time going, and how are you already 1/4 of a year old??  I feel like we are definitely beyond the newborn stage, and if I remember correctly with Brantley, three months is when it started to get really fun!  However, this milestone is definitely bittersweet for me, as well.  This is the month I go back to work.  In fact, I only have three more weeks of summer break, then it's back to the real world.  Even though I had five additional weeks, this summer flew by faster than ever before.  I'm not quite sure how I'm going to find the strength and courage to leave you during the days.  But I did it once {with Brantley}, and I can surely do it again.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.  I'm definitely going to savor in these moments during my last three carefree weeks with you and your big brother.  Speaking of, have I mentioned how much he loves you?  I'm convinced he's the best big brother there is.  Lucky guy, you are, to have such a sweet, caring, and lovable brother!  He constantly gives you hugs and kisses (though his hugs are more like body surfing on you...sorry about that) and whenever you're crying, he makes it his mission to find your pacifier.  He checks on you constantly and often asks "Where Baby Holden?"  To Brantley, I think you might always be "Baby" Holden, so I hope you are okay with that. :) 

You are still a good baby - better than average, for sure.  However, in recent days, you've gone through periods of crying when all you want is to be held.  It can be frustrating when I'm trying to get things done, but a good reminder that you don't stay little for long, and an hour of holding you won't harm anything.  You are also very smiley.  Like very smiley.  And big smiles, too.  As big as your whole face!  Your brother was always so serious, so it's fun to have a baby that smiles at us nearly every time we look at you.

In other news, we've discovered that you sweat like crazy.  Your entire back is often drenched after laying in your carseat and/or Rock 'n Play.  Consequently, you haven't been loving your carseat, yet you still tend to fall asleep en route places, thank goodness. This month also brought chunky, little, baby thighs. For about 10 or 11 weeks, you had skinny, little, chicken thighs. And then all of a sudden, overnight it seemed, the rolls appeared! So darn cute!!

I can't believe we're only a month away from starting rice cereal.  We're also inching closer to you rolling, laughing, crawling, and all that fun stuff.  I am so excited and giddy just thinking about what's to come.  Needless to say, it's been a fantastic three months.  I cannot imagine our lives without you and can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Love ya, Little Stinks!

3-Month Update:

Size - I haven't made it to the Mommy & Me Boutique in over two weeks, so I would purely be guessing.  You last weight check on July 3 was 11 pounds 5 ounces, so I'm guessing you're between 12 and 12.5 pounds.

Words - You "coo" and "talk" quite frequently.

Activity - A little bit of tummy time each day and some time in your Bumbo, as well as under your play gym.  You're usually very content and just take in all of your surroundings.

Food - We're up to at least 4 ounces at each feeding, and sometimes as many as 6.  Still 6 to 7 times per day.  You're not on a strict schedule, as it all depends on what time you awake each morning.  We've pretty much switched from breast to bottle feeding.  The only time I breastfeed is during your first feeding each morning and to soothe you when you're really fussy.  I'm still pumping milk regularly, and though it seems like you're getting smaller amounts of breastmilk, I don't think you truly are; we're just giving you more formula since you're eating more.

Sleep - Still sleeping soundly through the night (about eight hours).  Naps are still off and on throughout the day and not on any kind of schedule.

Bedtime/Waketime - Bedtime is after your last feeding, which is anywhere between 9 and 10.  Waketime is usually between 6:30 and 7:00.

Hair - Still dark brown.

Eyes - Bright blue

Teeth - None

Wardrobe - You have grown out of most of your newborn clothes and are in mostly 0-3 month stuff.

Diapers - Size 1

Likes - Being patted on the booty, your paci (mainly when you're fussy or to fall asleep), the Sitter Seal white noise app, movement (the car, the swing, the stroller), arms out of your swaddle, Mommy's ponytail, being talked to, being held. 

Dislikes - Being hungry, tired, or needing a diaper change.  Also, the hiccups and being hot/sweating.

Mommy's Fave - I still love your smiles, especially the ones directed at us.

(Despite you smiling all the time, I could not get a smile in these pictures to save my life!  I was jumping {while standing on a stool}, making silly noises, dancing, yelling, everything I could...but nada.  Little stinker.)


  1. Can hardly believe he's 3 months old already!!! Time sure does fly. He's such a little handsome man!!!

  2. How is he possibly already three months old?! He is so darn cute!!!