Brantley Carter: 2 Years Old!

And just like that, these updates are measuring in years instead of months!  Yesterday marked 24 months since your day of birth.  Two years, TWO YEARS!  I cannot even believe it's been that long since you came into this world.  Two Januaries, two Februaries, two Christmases, two Halloweens, two winters, two springs, two.of.everything.  Best two years of our lives, that is for sure!

My favorite age in kiddos has always been one to three years old and we're smack dab in the middle of that.  One was fun, two is even better!  We have conversations nowActual conversations.  And even when you don't know how or what to respond, I feel that you comprehend what I'm saying, no doubt about it.  Your vocabulary is increasing even more rapidly than it was three months ago.  It's crazy and fun, at all the same time.  We tell you something once, and it sticks.  We sing a song once, and you'll sing a line back to us three days later.  You continue to amaze us and make us very proud.

You also continue to make us laugh.  On a daily, if not hourly, basis.  You are very good at imitating what you see.  For instance, you were sitting on your potty chair a few days ago when you asked for a Kleenex.  I gave you one and you proceeded to wipe yourself.  Oh my gosh, I about died.  You also pretended to clip my fingernails about a month ago and followed the exact same motions as when I clip yours: clip, tear, and toss the nail to the side.  And once you realized I was laughing at your actions, you purposely continued while eying me to ensure I was still watching and laughing.  And then there was the breast pumping incident.  Funny kid, you are, just like your dad!

Speaking of your potty chair, you've become very interested.  We decided to hold off on potty training until this fall or winter.  Not because we don't think you'd get it now, but we'd prefer to wait until it's cold outside and there's nothing better to do.  We don't want you to be distracted by the outdoors and know we have to commit a good three days to doing pretty much nothing except running you to the bathroom.  Not to mention, there's no way I can attempt potty training while also breastfeeding and pumping for your little brother.  However, you did pee in your potty chair for the first time last week and, boy, were you proud!

Your absolute favorite thing to do is play sports.  It doesn't matter which kind.  For awhile, you did nothing but shoot hoops.  And then we started watching baseball every night.  And now, any stick-like object you find becomes your bat and you constantly want us to pitch to you.  Forget t-ball, you're going straight for the moving target.  And then we started watching the World Cup.  And, of course, you became obsessed with kicking your soccer ball.  And you're pretty good (very coordinated), I might add!  Your latest obsession is your tennis racket.  Daddy even caught you sleeping with it last week.  I know a sports-loving son is your daddy's dream-come-true and he would love nothing more than for you to continue your sports-loving ways.  But at the same time, if you realize you like something else better, that is fine, too.  We will support whatever makes you happy, kid!

A few more notes about your 2-year-old self:
  • You've started to hang on everything.  I think we're going to enroll you in a gymnastics class this fall.
  • You love the pool and have become really brave just in the last few weeks - jumping in, floating from your back to belly and vice versa (with your Puddle Jumper, obviously), going under water, etc.
  • You still drool a lot.  We are so over it.  You think it's hilarious when I say "Stop droooooling" and have figured out how to drool on purpose.
  • You're still all boy.  If we're outside and you're not playing with a ball, I can almost guarantee you have a stick in your hand.  Your legs have been covered with bruises, scrapes, and bug bites for a solid two months.
  • Speaking of, you're very tough.  You fall down, or bump into something, and we're certain you're going to be hurt, but you often just say "Ow" and go about your business.
  • You have an obsession with school buses.  You spotted one on I70 from our seats in the upper deck at the Royal's game a few weeks ago.  True story.
  • You also love cars, trucks (the garbage truck especially), choo choo trains, and blocks.
  • One of your most uses phrases is "I tooted."  Your other is "I did it!"
  • You looooove baseball.  You whine about wanting to watch Royal's games on t.v.  Your favorite players: Alex Gordon, Mike Goose Moose, and Billy Butler (in a singing voice, followed by clap clap, clap clap clap).
  • You still love to read, and often beg to read "one more book" before bedtime each night.
  • You also love your Papas.  Whenever we Facetime with one of your Grandmas, you ask for Papa instead.
  • You're still a Daddy's Boy, but you have become more attached to your mommy after being home with her this summer.
  • You're still very polite.  According to Gramma & Papa Fritz, you're one of the most polite kids they've ever known.  I would agree. 
  • You can count to 14 unassisted.  And 10 in Spanish.
  • You know the colors blue, green, red, orange, purple, yellow, pink, brown, black, white, and gray.
  • You are impatient, can be demanding, and have a temper.  Which means these next couple of years will be tons of fun. :)
  • Three months ago, we were certain you were a lefty.  Now we're not sure.
  • You try to dress and undress yourself.  It's so cute watching you attempt this!
  • You take your shoes off every.single.time we go somewhere in the car.  It used to be funny.  Now it's beyond annoying.
  • Gone are the days of you staying in your big boy bed when you awake.  You climb out and play, and have even opened your door and come down the hall into our bedroom.  We often have to tell you to get back into bed when it should be naptime.
  • You demand drinking "cold water."
  • You are the BEST big brother.  You are constantly giving hugs and kisses to Baby Holden and take him his paci whenever he's crying.  You are smitten with him and that love you have for him is more than I ever imagined possible.

Height: 34.5 inches (54th percentile)
Weight: 26 pounds 2 ounces (27th percentile)
Head Circumference: 48.5 centimeters (46th percentile)
BMI: 15.5 (19th percentile)

Food: You seem to be becoming a little more adventurous in the food department.  You actually tried (and have eaten) a turkey sandwich.  Fruit is still your absolute favorite, however, and your faves include berries and bananas.  Other staples in your diet include: hot dogs, chicken nuggets, Easy Mac, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, GoGurt, fruit snacks, veggie straws, goldfish, applesauce pouches, and pancakes & waffles (for breakfast).  Oh, and donuts.  You love "no-nuts". 

Sleep: About 11 hours each night, with a 2ish-hour afternoon nap each day.  You're still pretty good about laying down and falling asleep with little to no fuss, though you have fought us more in recent weeks and we sometimes listen to you cry for a good (and long) 45 minutes before you fall asleep.  I'm blaming it on the fact that our bedtime routine isn't so routine during these summer nights.

Bedtime/Waketime: Well, seeing that it's summer, your bedtime has become very lax.  It's been as early as 8:30 and as late as 11.  It's just too hard to keep a consistent 8:00 bedtime when it's not dark outside and we're outside doing things.  Consequently, your typical waketime is all over the place, as well.  As early at 6:30am, and as late as 9am.

Hair: Blond.  I think it's even blonder from being out in the sun so much.

Eyes: Blueish-gray.

Teeth: 16-18??

Wardrobe: 24 month/2T shirts, 18-24 month/2T shorts and pants, and size 5 shoes.

Diapers: Size 4

Mommy's Fave: Definitely the conversations we have.  It's so fun to talk to you, have you comprehend what I'm saying, and respond!

Brantley, these past two years have been such a pleasure and an amazing journey.  You gave us quite a few scares in the beginning, but it's been smooth sailing ever since.  I can not (nor want to) imagine life without you.  Happy second birthday to my ornery, polite, hilarious, tough, sweet, and special first born little guy.  I love you!

Xoxo, Your Mommy


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