Bumpdate: Week 34


This is the week of pregnancy that I was born!  Which is crazy to me!  And definitely a bit of a wake up call!  I realize it's highly unlikely, but I could go into labor any day now!  As ready as I am to get this baby out, I'd really prefer to wait until 39.5 weeks.  Simply due to a little thing called work.  I'm a major planner and I know I won't do well if I happen to go into labor early...leaving on a whim, not having sub plans ready, not tying up all loose ends, not saying good-bye to my students...it stresses me out just thinking about it.  My last official day is already planned for April 18 and it just so happens to be a nice transition point in each of my classes.  A nice day (a Friday) for me to say good-bye and for the sub to start her long-term duty.  Let alone the fact that I don't want to take any more time away - unpaid.  Which is what happens the second time around when you don't have as many sick days built up.  I'll be paid for two weeks.  But the other three?  Not so much.  So, Baby, if you could please stay put for now, you are welcome anytime after April 18. :)

At 34 weeks pregnant, I can say we've officially decided on a name.  One week later than we did with Brantley. :)  His initials: HBS.  We haven't been as secretive with the name this time around and have mentioned it to some friends and family members.  Still, I'm not sure I'll post on here until after he's born.  When you do, you always open the door to criticism and unwanted opinions and the last thing I want to do is start doubting our decision.  Besides, an element of surprise is always nice!
How Far Along: 34 weeks

Size of Baby: ~18 inches, 4 3/4 pounds; the size of a cantaloupe

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: 26-27 pounds

Food Cravings: None. 

Food Aversions: None

Movement: The same

Sleep: Okay.  I've been waking up (sometimes multiple times per night) due to horrible acid reflux in my throat. 

Clothing: Spring maternity dresses for two days in a row now!!!  And it's been amazing!  I love my spring/summer maternity clothes!  So much comfier than winter pants and long sleeves!  To those who say that being pregnant in the hot, humid summer months is miserable...you're crazy.  I much prefer it to winter!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Braxton Hicks - maybe once per day?  Acid reflux galore, especially overnight.  Charlie-horse type legs cramps overnight and/or in the early morning hours, shortly before getting out of bed (not every night, just a few times).  Some swelling, though nothing consistent.  (My rings still fit and I don't yet have cankles...)  Weird side aches/cramps, almost like I need to stretch.  I can tell things are getting less roomy in there.  I still feel huge and uncomfortable, especially come 7pm each day.
What I Miss: Everything about being not pregnant.

Differences from First Pregnancy: I remember loving every moment of my pregnancy with Brantley.  I don't remember feeling miserable like I do this time.  Or maybe that's just my memory deceiving me because Craig seems to remember it.  I'm definitely not loving being pregnant {as much} this time.  Maybe it's because I'm still working, or because I have a toddler to care for, or because I can't rest as much?  I feel so much bigger and less comfortable this time.  40 weeks can't come soon enough!

Best Moment: Three days in a row of spring/summer-like temps!  Which meant wearing my lightweight, ultra-comfy, spring maternity clothes and sandals!  And grilling out.  And going for walks.  Also, seeing the third quarter at school come to an end - my last full quarter of the school year!  It seemed so far away in October when I announced my pregnancy...

Looking Forward To: Spring Break next week.  And my last four weeks of the school year once break is over!  Hooray!


  1. Can't WAIT to hear the name and see pics, but i'll cross my fingers you get the 39.5 week date. Like you, I'm a planner and would LOVE to keep my girl in there until 41 weeks. :)

  2. You look great! Cute dress! OK I think I'm one that prefers the winter pregnancy myself, if it was in the heat of summer, I think I would be ten times more miserable! Last year I recall a few weeks in my first tri where it was super hot and it just intensified my morning sickness. Glad you guys have an official name and don't blame ya for wanting to protect it from opinions, I swear if one more person asks me if we are naming our kid Arin (hybrid of Aaron\Erin), I might slap them :)