#Ornery (Again)

I did a similar post last summer, but I think this kid gets ornerier by the day!  Here are some more recent #ornery photos of Brantley boy!

Just chillin' on the kitchen floor.

Attempting to stand on his mega block wagon.

Hiding in the pantry.

Hard to tell in the picture, but he loves to hit the magnetic board and knock his letters off.  Multiple times per day.  That, or throw balls at it, making the letters fall to the floor.   

Hiding in the storage ottoman.

Sitting in the dryer.

Sitting in a decor box.

Attempting to draw on Daddy's March Madness bracket

Trying to get ahold of Mommy's Firehouse Sub

Crazy kid.  That I love more than anything!

1 comment:

  1. A) CHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFS! B) miss Firehouse subs C) love his smirky face in so many of these. :)