Bumpdate: Week 33

The weeks seem to be flying by at warp speed!  I'm a mere seven weeks from my due date and {hopefully} having a baby NEXT month!

Call it nesting, or just call it finding things to keep me occupied while winter drags on, but I unpacked and organized all of Brantley's 0 to 12 month clothing over the weekend.  The nursery drawers are crammed full, as is the closet!  I was in awe at the size of the newborn/0-3 month items and could hardly believe Brantley was, at one time, that small!  Not gonna lie, it made me feel more excited about having a wee little, newborn around!  I also went on a minor shopping spree for Baby over the weekend...but shopping at a consignment sale...on half-price day...so I like to think in terms of how much money I saved. :)  While the seasons for Brantley and Baby #2 are close (July vs. April), I realized there's a chance Baby #2 will need some warmer weather newborn stuff.  So that's what I bought!  Well, that and some cute, summer stuff, too, that I simply couldn't pass up!

It's crazy that my school days remaining this year are limited!  5 1/2 weeks to go, which is really only like 14 of each block!  Speaking of, I've never worked past 33 weeks pregnant.  With Brantley, 33 weeks meant the start of summer break.  The thought of going into labor while at school still terrifies me.  As does going into labor early (i.e. before my sub is supposed to start).  I'm such a planner and wish I could see into the future to see how this all goes down!

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday.  It was very routine, except for having to get the TDAP (whooping cough) shot.  It didn't hurt to get, but man my arm has been super sore ever since!  According to my doctor, my belly measured very normal.  I swear I'm much bigger this time around...

How Far Along: 33 weeks

Size of Baby: ~17 inches, a little over 4 pounds; the size of a pineapple

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: Holding steady at 25-26 pounds

Food Cravings: Nothing specific

Food Aversions: None

Movement: The same

Sleep: Experienced the worst night of sleep in a long time last Thursday.  I woke up around 2am with one of the worst headaches of my life.  I laid there for nearly two hours unable to sleep because my head was pounding so violently.  I even cried at times.  I finally caved and took Tylenol.  I fell back asleep, but felt pretty awful the following day.  (I was trying not to take Tylenol after the study was published last week linking Tylenol to ADHD in unborn children.)  I've been sleeping fine since, and I'm happy to report, the headaches have since subsided.  Thank goodness!

Clothing: Same

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Braxton Hicks (though not as often) and daily acid reflux.  I've also been getting really hot while teaching.  Like sweat dripping-down-my-shirt hot.  And pure exhaustion by 8pm. 

What I Miss: I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I miss my old body.  I look at pictures from last summer and even pictures from the early weeks of pregnancy and I can't believe how small I was.  Pregnancy is definitely showing everywhere on me...in my stomach, face, etc.  (And I'm not a super skinny person by any means....very average in my opinion.)  I'm just feeling super huge this time around and can't wait to be back to my old self!

Best Moment: Feeling accomplished after organizing the nursery drawers and closet!  And getting some great deals on some super cute, name brand clothes at the consignment sale!

Looking Forward To: These last five weeks of my 2013-14 school year!

It's been awhile since I did a comparison picture...

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  1. I think your belly looks a tad bit bigger this time around, but the rest of your frame looks exactly the same. Maybe he's gonna be a BIG boy!