Tubes for Brantley

After five ear infections in 9 months, we (and our pediatrician) decided it was time for tubes.  Brantley never seemed too bothered by his ear infections, but we hated that he was on antibiotics all the time.  We scheduled a consultation with an ENT for last Friday and four short days later, we were headed to the hospital for Brantley's first "surgery". 

Though it's considered a surgery, I wasn't too worried.  It's a very routine procedure and I figured that if I had tubes 30 years ago, things surely have only improved since then.  Still though, they put the babies under anesthesia, which can be a little nerve-wracking and scary.

We arrived at Olathe Medical Center at 7:15.  By 7:30, Brantley was in an adorable, little hospital gown.  Of course, this called for pictures.

After having his vitals taken, visiting with the team of medical experts, and watching another little boy scream as he was taken into surgery,  it was our turn to hand over our child to the nurse.  Brave little Brantley didn't even cry or act scared.  We were so proud!

We headed back to the waiting room.  The doctor told us it'd take 8 to 10 minutes, but after four (no joke), they called us back!  Everything went well and his tubes were in.

It was another few minutes before we saw Brantley.  Poor guy was upset and there was no consoling him.  This was a side effect of the anesthesia, which they had warned us of.  We hung out for awhile before the nurse discharged him and sent us on our way.  We were headed home by 8:30am.

After a two-hour morning nap, Brantley was back to his normal, ornery, dare-devil, happy self.  Here's proof.

The anesthesia seemed to have some lasting effects though.  Silly kid fell asleep mid-lunch!

We enjoyed our day together and I was thankful for a day off work.  Surgery couldn't have gone better and we're hoping the tubes means fewer illnesses for our sweet Brantley boy.

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