Telling the Daddy of 2!

Remember that time in August when I accidentally backed out of my parking space without shutting the car door and did $750 damage to my friend Erica's car?  (Yeah...$750...and that was the lowest of four quotes.)

Yep, totally blaming that on pregnancy brain!!

It wasn't but 22 hours later that I learned I was pregnant.  Turns out, the timing couldn't have been better.  Keep reading...

Anyway, of course by the time I took a pregnancy test on the morning of August 8, the hubs was already at work.  Though it killed me to have to wait all day to share our news, it gave me some time to come up with a creative way to tell him.

(When I learned I was pregnant with Brantley, I was far too shocked to do anything special.  I called him right away and blurted out "I think I'm pregnant!")

I decided to make a card.  I looked like this.

I also put the positive pregnancy test inside, in case there was any confusion. :)  And wrapped it.

I waited alllllll day for the hubs to come home.  It was painful.  Shortly before he got home, I got a text from Erica with the damage estimates.  I forwarded it to the hubs.

So you can imagine, he wasn't thrilled when he got home.  I apologized for the millionth time about making such a stupid mistake.  Then I said, "But honey, I got you a present!"  He seemed even more annoyed that, despite the $750 repair fee, I had gone out and spent more money on a gift.  Or so he thought.

He opened it.  It took a minute.  And the rest is history.  He quickly forgot about the damage to Erica's car and I'm not sure he stopped smiling all night long.

And that's how the hubs learned he was soon-to-be a Daddy of two. :)

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