Trick or Treat 2013

It's been a rough week here at the Sides' residence.  We got a text from daycare on Monday stating that Brantley threw up and we needed to come get him.  He continued to throw up through mid-afternoon the following day, including three times overnight.  He couldn't keep anything down, not even water, and we ended up at Children's Mercy Urgent Care as we were worried he was dehydrated.  I'm convinced you haven't truly experienced parenthood until you're puked on.  Multiple times.  Poop, I can handle.  Puke, not so much.

He went back to daycare on Wednesday afternoon and acted fine all day, but got sick again Wednesday overnight.  So, he stayed home again today (on Halloween).  Poor kid.  I'm not sure who was more sad - me or him - that he missed costume day at daycare.  Oh wait, it was definitely me.  He had no idea what he was missing.

Anyway, I was hoping all day he'd feel well enough to trick or treat.  I'm still not convinced he's 100%, but he seemed well enough to venture out to some neighborhood houses.  (Does that make us bad parents?  Probably.)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  I'm pretty sure having a kid is so much fun because you get to re-live all those fun childhood experiences.  Like swinging.  And trick or treating.

We dressed our little lobster, then posed for a few self-timer pics at home.  The hubs and I were chefs, though I didn't get around to buying chef hats until the last minute and could only find one.  I might also add, the only reason Brantley was okay with his costume was because he thought he was Elmo.  He recently discovered a love for Elmo (or Melma, as he says) and apparently {to him} the lobster looked like Elmo.  So that's what we let him believe.

Trick or treating was a success.  Except that Brantley couldn't walk very well in his Elmo lobster costume and bit it, face first, on the concrete sidewalk en route to his first house.  So the big, red spots on his forehead and nose?  A trick-or-treat mishap.  On the plus side, they matched his costume. :)

Weather wise, it ended up being a perfect Halloween night.  The rain decided to part ways and it was near 60-degrees.  We visited about ten houses in a four-block range.   Then we came home and handed out candy the remainder of the night.  Despite the sickness and sidewalk fall, I'd say Brantley's first trick or treating experience was a good one!  Until next year, Halloween! that Halloween is over, BRING ON CHRISTMAS AND THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!!!  

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