Bumpdate: Weeks 10 & 11

One of my biggest fears is that Baby #2 will fall victim to the famous "second child syndrome".  You know, where the second child is overlooked because he/she is the second child.  I've already promised the hubs that if Baby #2 is a boy, I will make only slight changes to the nursery.  (To save money, of course.)  So see, it's already happening!  Poor kid.  (I also told him that if it's a girl, I'm pinkifying it!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, in an effort to avoid this child feeling any less important, I'm making it a goal to journal about this pregnancy like I did my first.  Still planning on weekly bump updates and weekly progress blog updates.  Here is my first - though it's more of a summary of my first 11 weeks of pregnancy.

Weeks 3 - 5: I felt completely normal.  No signs, no symptoms, no sickness.  In fact, I took additional pregnancy tests just for added confirmation.  When you haven't been to the doctor and few people know, it's almost as if it's not true.  Still pregnant, as I expected. :)

Week 6 - 7: At 6 weeks and 1 day...BAM.  It hit me.  Terrible morning sickness.  For two days in a row.  I nearly lost all my marbles the second day and headed for the bathroom (at school).  Twice.  That was no fun!  As a result, I missed a meeting, and was forced to spill the beans to some co-workers.  Thanks to meds, I started feeling normal again.  Zofran before bed and crackers before I crawled out of bed seemed to do the trick.

7 1/2 weeks: First time (and only time so far) throwing up.  At a friend's house, nonetheless.  Good thing said friend is also prego and completely understands!

Weeks 8 - 11: Very blah feeling.  I come home from work, make dinner, and then want only to lay on the couch and do nothing.  Nothing, I repeat.  Which is challenging with a 1-year old.  I'm necessarily sleepy tired, but exhausted tired.  Not a lot of nausea in these recent weeks, but rather an overall "not well" feeling.  Also very constipated.  Like uncomfortably.  I remember having this problem with Brantley, but not nearly as bad.  It has improved with a few alterations to my diet - a fiber-packed cereal for breakfast, a fiber bar for my morning snack, and Activia yogurt at lunch.  Also, very bloated feeling.  No matter how much (or how little) I eat, I feel so full and miserable.  It's very strange.  And extremely uncomfortable.

How Far Along: 11 weeks

Size of Baby: ~1 1/2; the size of a fig

Gender: Who knows!  I don't even want to say what I think...because chances are, I'll be wrong!  The Chinese gender chart says girl.  But it also said Brantley was a girl, so you can imagine how I feel about that!  9 weeks til we find out!

Weight Gain: Last time I checked, about 5 pounds.

Food Cravings: This is totally cliche, but pickles!!!  I bought and ate an entire jar of pickle slices a couple of weeks ago.  Then, we watched an episode of Shark Tank that included gourmet pickles, which made me want them even more!  Also made a late night run to Freddie's for frozen custard...but with strawberries!  I never want fruit with my ice cream.  I'm definitely more of a chocolate/candy-and-ice-cream person.  So that was weird.  But my strawberry sundae totally satisfied my craving!

Food Aversions: Not necessary an aversion, but I haven't had a cup of coffee in a few weeks!  I switched to decaf the moment I learned I was prego, but lately, it hasn't sounded good.  And if there's one thing I loved (pre-pregnancy), it was my morning cup of joe.  We also made tacos a few days ago (one of my favorite meals), but I just wasn't feeling it by the time they were ready.  I opted for a plate of chips with taco toppings instead.

Movement: Nothing yet.  It was 22 or 23 weeks before I felt Brantley, so I suppose it will still be awhile.

Sleep: Very normal.  I'm taking major advantage of being able to sleep on my stomach while it lasts!

Clothing: My regular clothes still fit, pants buttoned and all, but I did bust out the tote of maternity clothes over the weekend!  I've noticed I've started to dress comfy for work, instead of classy and trendy like I did those first few weeks.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Feeling blah, exhaustion, overall feeling of sickness throughout the day (though not necessary nausea), bloated, constipated, sore boobs, getting up to pee at least once overnight.

Differences from Pregnancy #1: Subtle things.  During my first trimester with Brantley, I could barely brush my teeth without gagging/dry heaving/throwing up.  This time though, not once has brushing my teeth bothered me!  I feel more tired this time around, but I'm blaming it on the energizer-bunny-of-a-1-year-old that I chase around constantly.  Also, I remember much sorer boobs before and much sooner in the pregnancy.  This symptom just started around week 10 and it's not nearly as bad as it was with Brantley.  I didn't really have any major food cravings the first time.  Also, I'm already getting up at least once overnight to pee.  That didn't happen until way late into my pregnancy before.

Similarites from Pregnancy #1: When feeling sick, mac & cheese is about the only thing that sounds appetizing to me.

What I Miss: This will never change - beer.  I.love.beer.  Non-alcoholic just isn't the same.

Best Moment So Far: Making it public!  I hate keeping secrets and do a pretty lousy job of that!  I feel much better now that the world knows!

Looking Forward To: Entering the second trimester and all that comes with it.  More energy, less feeling blah, maternity clothes, a definite baby bump, and finding out the sex of the baby!

I started bump photos at week 10.  Here are my first two!

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