When It Rains, It Pours

Literally.  On my drive to work yesterday.  It was awful.  And caused me to be to work fifteen minutes later than I planned.  And I already planned on being a little late (8:00 instead of 7:30) to avoid paying our sitter the early fee.  Luckily, it was just a work day and no one even knew I strolled in at 8:15.

The rain was long gone today.  But, unfortunately, my problems were not.

On my early morning drive to daycare, I got a flat tire.  I had no idea what was happening.  I've only had a flat tire two other times in my life and both were when my car was parked.  Well this morning, my car started shaking and making a really loud noise.  Mind you, I was driving 70 mph down the highway.  (Don't worry--I think the speed limit is 65.  Which really means I was probably going 75.)  I was within a mile from the exit to our sitters, so despite slowing way down, I kept on going.  (I really didn't want to pull over on the shoulder of the highway when I was so close.)

Our sweet daycare lady's husband came to my rescue.  45 minutes later, I was on my way to work.  I was, of course, that car going 55 mph down 435 (speed limit: 65) because I was driving on my donut.  I was certain a car would rear-end me as a result of my slowness.  I hated myself for being that person.  (Note to self: Don't hate those people...you never know their situation.)  

I finally arrived to school at 8:00.  Despite calling a few co-workers and filling them in on my situation, I still had to walk into our staff meeting 30 minutes late.  I hate that.

Anyway, on with my day.

Around 1:00, I received a text from daycare.  A picture of a thermometer that read 101.6 and a note, "Are you or someone able to get him?"

Are you serious?  It's my first week back, my husband is gone, I got a flat tire, and now I have a sick kid??  This has to be some cruel joke.

I quickly packed up my things and headed on my way.  My principal was very understanding and even told me to take tomorrow off, if need be.  But that's easier said than done, especially when trying to prepare for my first day with kids. 

So anyway, the rest of the day was pretty low-key, thankfully.  Well, other than the whole getting-my-tire-replaced thing.  A 2 1/2 hour wait at Walmart!  With a sick kid.  A tired, fussy, sick kid.  I tried, but only made it 30 minutes, so thanks to Hollyn for coming to our rescue! And thanks to neighbor Paul for taking me back tonight for my car.

Poor Brantley went to bed early (at 7:00) after snugging on my chest for an evening nap.  That's so unlike him.  He had a 102-point-something fever when I put him to bed.  I'm hoping the extra sleep helps him fight off whatever it is he has.

An old co-worker even offered to watch him tomorrow--sick and all!  (He's has to be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to daycare.)  Did I mention the old co-worker is a nurse?  With four kids of her own.  Aka an angel in my eyes.

They say bad things come in threes.  Well, I've hit my three.
1) Car accident (a $700 one...ugh)
2) Flat tire 
3) Sick kid

Please, please, please let that be all.  I'm just not sure I can handle much more on my own this week...

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