Good-Byes are Never Easy

In May of 2012, we started a 6-week long childbirth class.  Of course, we learned a lot and laughed once or twice, but my favorite part of the class was our friends that came out of the ordeal.  I remember vividly on the second-to-last week of class - Ben and Lauren walked right up to us, asked if we wanted to hang out {outside of class}, and got our numbers.  Clearly, they weren't shy!  We went to dinner that weekend and--it might sound weird--but just seemed to click!  They were due with a baby girl just five days after us, there were a lot of similarities in our personalities, and they lived just a few miles away.  (I knew Lauren and I were meant to be BFFs when she suggested we use Jessica Simpson's name for a childbirth class exercise!  Ha!)

Between May of 2012 and July of this year, we shared a lot of fun times.  Christmas in Crown Center, pregnant 4th of July party, Lenexa chili cook-off, chevron pumpkin decorating, Zac Brown Band concert, Kenny concert, Social Suppers, Boulevard tour (oh were late), BBQ involving too many sweet tea vodkas, dinners out, dinners in, parties at your place, parties at our place, happy hours, baby play dates, and driveway fire pits.  Oh, not to mention, being together at the hospital when our babies were born!

In late June, I went to a girls' night.  Almost immediately, Lauren announced they were moving.  Just like that.  Their house was on the market, Ben had accepted a job in Atlanta, and they'd be gone as soon as their house sold.  There were tears and lots of disappointment, even though ultimately, it's what they wanted.

We had a final farewell girls' night a couple of weeks ago.  Man, was it hard to say good-bye.  Of course, it was not truly a "good-bye", but instead a "see you soon". 

We are going to miss you guys so much here in Kansas City and are so glad for your friendship!  It was fun watching our babies grow together in their first years of life, and Brantley was lucky to have such a beautiful first girlfriend. :)  You guys seriously mean so much to us and you will always hold a special place in our hearts. <3  Best of luck in Atlanta...can't wait to come visit!

Here are some pictures I dug up of some of our fun times together!  Xoxo

July - pregnant Lauren {and Madi} visiting Brantley in the NICU

October - maternity leave play date

October - watching Mads for a few hours

October - sweet sleeping babes
October - Lenexa chili cook-off

October - Lenexa chili cook-off
December - Crown Center Christmas fun

New Year's Eve - they were each others first NYE dates!
One of many happy hours
January - my 30th birthday painting party

February - Superbowl Party

February - giving My Gym a try
February - first kiss!

February - Out before the ZBB concert

February - ZBB Concert

February - Boulevard Tour
February - Boulevard Tour

March - St. Patty's Day

April - Warm weather brought BBQs and time outside!

June - Another night, another BBQ

June - Good times
June - Black Bob Bay

June - Tailgating at the Kenny concert

July - Mads' 1st bday party
July - Farewell happy hour :(

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