A Really Stupid Mistake

I knew it'd happen eventually.  I'd do something stupid as a result of being a pre-occupied mom.  Like maybe I'd leave my purse somewhere, or lose my cell phone, or heaven forbid, forget my baby!  Well, luckily I didn't forget my baby, but some may argue that losing my cell phone would have been better than the stupid mistake I just made.

I met some co-workers at a coffee shop this morning, and headed to the Farmer's Market afterwards.  After a few hours of socializing and produce-shopping, we called it a morning and parted ways.  I put Brantley in his car seat and packed his stroller in the trunk.  I got in my car, turned it on, put it in reverse, and started backing.  And then I heard something I'm not used to hearing.  Metal on metal.

Oh crap.

What in the world just happened??

It was then that I realized Brantley's car door was still open and it had scraped the car next to mine.

Lucky for me, the car next to mine was my BFF, Erica's.

Omg, omg, omg, omg.  How on Earth could I be so stupid?

There was a car waiting for my parking spot so I got out of my car to tell her that I wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.  She felt sorry for me.  I could tell.


I called Erica (who stopped elsewhere after the market).  No answer.  I left her a voicemail.

Umm...I'm an idiot who forget to close the car door and it just hit your car.  There's a dent and some scratches.  Call me when you get this.  I am SO sorry.

Then I called my husband.  Luckily, he was understanding and not at all upset.  Nervous about the damage, or rather cost of repair, I'm sure, but very positive.

I've gotten over the initial anxiousness, but I'm still pretty upset with myself for being so careless.  I can't help but think, what if I would have left after coffee?  Or what if I would have left 10 minutes sooner.  (Brantley was more than ready for his morning nap...perhaps I was frazzled by his fussiness?)  Or...what if I just wouldn't have gone?

Of course, that's silly.  I'm glad I went and socialized with friends.  Especially because it's our last Wednesday before reality sets in again.

I'm just irritated with myself and, of course, I feel like an embarassed idiot.

But then again, I always choose to focus on the positives...

1) It could have been worse (my door could have been un-closeable and hence, my car undrivable).
2) No one was hurt (Brantley and his carseat were right there).
3) It was a friend's car.  A very understanding friend.  (I'm sure I would have been a mess had it been a strangers.)

Mistakes happen, right?  Unfortunately, this mistake will probably end up being hundreds of dollars. :(

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