Summer Reflection

Friday, August 9.  How in the world is it here already??  It being my last official day of summer.  Monday is when reality sets in once again.

Early wake-ups.
Long days.
And an exhausted Sarah.

Part of me is super excited for yet another school year.  (My is that possible?)  Another part feels like my maternity leave is coming to an end all over again. #tears

To make matters worse, Craig is gone for work all next week.  Which means Mommy has to drop off and pick up from daycare five days in a row.  After working 8+ hour days in hopes of mentally and physically preparing myself for the school year.  Nothing like a reality smack in the face, huh?

Oh well.  I'll survive.

(I know what you're thinking..."You just had 2 1/2 months off!"  Those 2 1/2 months are well deserved, let me tell ya, and any teacher would agree!)

It's been such a fantastic summer.  Lots of great memories.

Girls' trip to Cali.
A week at the lake.
Family vacation to Florida.
First birthday party.
Third wedding anniversary.
Soccer and baseball games.
Kenny Chesney concert.
Farmer's Markets.
Blueberry picking.
Coffee dates.
Play dates.
Lunch dates.
Pool parties.
Happy hours.

The list goes on and on.  But perhaps my favorite thing about summer of '13?  Watching my baby grow from a baby into a toddler before my very eyes.  He's walking (almost) and talking (sort of) and has such a fun TODDLER-like personality.  I think these pictures prove my point.  Baby on the left, toddler on the right.  I'm so lucky for the opportunity to witness this transformation and I will forever cherish my memories from our first full summer together. #moretears

Every summer, I think to myself, "Best summer ever...there's no way it can be topped."  But somehow, I continue to be surprised.  Only time will tell what next summer has in store and I can't wait to find out!

So long Summer of '13!  You've been pretty great!

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