A Weekend of Home Improvements

What a crazy/busy/fun weekend it was!  The poor hubs worked pretty much non-stop from 6am until 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday!  But don't think it was all work and no play.  There was a little fun thrown in there, too!  Here's a recap of our busy weekend!

Stained the deck.  We technically hired someone to do this, but the hubs still cleaned and prepped it.

Stained the swing set.  (Craig did this himself.)  Finally, a really hot weekend with little going on - perfect for staining the swing set.  I'll be the first to admit - it totally looks like a new swing set.  And one we paid a pretty penny for!  (We also played on the newly stained swing set!)

Installed a gate between our house and our backyard neighbor's.  Now we can go back and forth easily without hopping the fence...or lifting heavy kiddos over it.  And now your herb garden is game on, Paul!

The work-in-progress picture.  Didn't take one of the finished product.

House pained.  I already posted those pictures.  And obviously, we hired someone to do this.

New patio chair cushions.  I loved our old ones, but they were torn in multiple spots.  So, we went on a search for new ones.  And found some pretty yellow ones at Target!

Hung new address numbers.  Love the black and they're much more visible than the old ones near our front door.

And now for the fun stuff!

Friday night Royals game and tailgate!  It was a Mill Valley outing, but mostly just the math department, as usual! :)

Black Bob Bay on Saturday.  It's an Olathe public pool with kiddie play area and lazy river, among other things.  My friend Lauren and I took our babes, while Craig stayed home and worked.

Sunday afternoon bike ride.  We took Brantley in his new bike carrier and rode our bikes to a nearby park.

And of course, a couple of pool visits.  Nothing extravagant.  Just a quick cool off from the hard work/bike ride!

What a fun summer weekend it was!  It sure seems like they're dwindling away... :(


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