A First for All of Us!

Last night we went to a Sporting Kansas City game.  (Sporting Kansas City is the city's professional soccer team.)  Despite being a huge soccer fan, Craig had never been to a Sporting game.  Neither had I.  And neither had Brantley.  So it was a first for all of us!

I'm not a huge soccer fan, but will never pass up the opportunity to attend an athletic event on a hot summer night coupled with a few cold ones.  Especially a free one (the game, not the cold ones)!  Thanks Erica!  And game time wasn't until 7:30pm.  Which meant B was up waaaaaaay past his bedtime, but we've always said we would never let a baby stop us from living.  Or doing the things we enjoy.  And I believe we've held on firmly to that belief.  And you know what?  Brantley was fine!  In fact, he was more than fine.  He held out the entire game, never acted fussy, and only fell asleep on the drive home.  What a champ!

Anyway, Sporting lost 0-1.  But it was still fun to get out and take in one of the many great things Kansas City has to offer!

And of course, we couldn't go to our first soccer game without pictures to commemorate! :)

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