19 Weeks: Big Appointment!

Yesterday was appointment #4 and it was a big one!!  We finally got to see a baby via sonogram, instead of the little blinking dot we saw at 6 1/2 weeks!  It's truly a miracle to see ten little toes, four pumping chambers of the heart, and arms, legs, and a head wiggling around in there!  At one point, Baby's leg was way above his/her head...flexible little thing!  She/he was also waving at us during most of the ultrasound. :)  The sex was determined...but will be sealed in an envelope until Saturday night's Gender Reveal Party.  People keep asking how the suspense is not killing me.  My thought: I've waited 19 weeks...what's another few days?  The envelope is out of sight and out of mind....I'll be just fine.  Nonetheless, I can NOT wait until Saturday night!!  I'm still thinking girl and will be shocked if it's actually a boy!

The sonogram technician couldn't get a good profile view of Baby's face.  Nor could she get a good view of the aorta.  So, lucky us--we get to go back for another ultrasound just to make sure things look "normal".  Does this mean insurance will pay for it since it's "doctor ordered"?  (Word is my insurance only covers one per pregnancy...?)

Baby's heartbeat was around 146, just shy of the 150 heartbeat last month.  She/he was also measuring in the 50-some percentile for size - bigger than 50-some percent of 19-week fetuses, smaller than the other 40-some percent.  I was happy to hear that!

On the negative side, I've gained seven pounds.......in the last 4 weeks!  8 pounds total.  Yikes!  I was so proud of myself last month, but it seems the fun has begun!  No wonder my pants literally won't button anymore!

In other news, the dresser we ordered arrived and we picked it up last weekend.  I'll take some pictures soon!

Here are a few baby pics from the ultrasound!  The face pic looks like an alien baby.  Don't judge.

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A mango (~6 inches long and weighs ~8.5 ounces)

What's Happening:
Baby Sides is working on his/her five senses.  Nerve cells for sense of taste, hearing, sight, and smell are developing in his/her brain.

Still nothing really.

4 days until we find out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing yet...maybe this week!?

Still not an issue, but I broke down a bought a Snoogle pillow to help me stay on my left side.  It came highly recommended by more than one friend.  I was too cheap to buy the pillow case though.  Is that weird?

I'm at the really awkward stage when I don't need full-on maternity clothes (pants, anyway) but I look fat in my normal clothes.

Best Moment Recently:
The sonogram, of course!

Looking Forward To...
Gender Reveal Party this weekend!!!!!!

BEWARE: definite bump alert!

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