18 Weeks: Bump is Emerging!

Can you believe it's nearly mid-February already?  That makes me happy because it means Spring is well on it's way!  We definitely can't complain about the winter we've had...I sort of feel like winter got cheated and I am a-okay with that...but I'm always all-for warmer weather!

It also means Baby Sides is progressing and growing!  I must say, the weeks are flying!  It seems every time I blink Monday rolls around again and I get to cross another week off the checklist/take another weekly baby bump photo.  The days moved at a snail's pace in November and December.  I like this pace much better!

It's been a few weeks since my last update, so I suppose I'm due for another.  Not much has changed in recent weeks, but we're inching closer to that all-important halfway point! :)
How Far Along: 18 Weeks

Size of Baby:
A sweet potato  (~5.6 inches long and weighs ~6.7 ounces)

What's Happening:
Baby is growing, moving, twisting, rolling, punching, kicking, and even hiccuping!

Still don't feel pregnant, at all, which I guess is a good thing! 

Nothing in particular.

10 days until we find out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I sit or lay very still at night hoping to feel something, but nothing yet.  According to thebump.com, it should happen very, very soon!

Sleep is not an issue.  I'm supposed to start sleeping on my left side soon (to maximize blood flow).  I always make a conscious effort to fall asleep that way, but typically wake up on my back or stomach.  I might have to invest in one of those $50 pregnancy pillows soon...

Still in my regular clothes, but I did buy a few maternity shirts at Old Navy over the weekend!  I've decided I really like them!  They are long, loose, comfy, and even flattering!  I've noticed that my work pants are not only tight on my stomach, but also on the {already over sized} booty...maternity pants might be a necessity soon.  Until then, I'll keep wearing the Bella Band and as many dresses/skirts as possible!

What I Miss:
Oh, you know...beer.

Best Moment Recently:
Painting the nursery, ordering furniture, and seeing the crib put together! 

Looking Forward To...
Our 19-week ultrasound on Monday!!!!!!

And here are some pics of the crib-building process...

It was Gameday...he insisted on showing off his shirt.

Looking good!

Of course, we tested it with the schnauz.  He thought he was in trouble...that's why his ears are pinned back.

"What is this weird cage??"

I love it!

And...if you're still reading, for your viewing pleasure, a better picture of the emerging bump (and butt)!  I took it last night at 18 weeks 1 day!

**Countdown to Sonogram: 5 days!**
**Countdown to Gender Reveal Party: 10 days!**

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