We Caved

I'm not the kind of person that snoops for my Christmas presents, and neither is Craig (to the best of my knowledge anyway).  But we are the kind of people who have a hard time waiting until December 25 to exchange gifts.  Afterall, our Christmas tree went up super early; it's only natural that we open our gifts early too, right??  So last night, December 12, was the night we celebrated Christmas in our house! 

 Craig went first.  A digital timer to set, for instance, our Christmas tree to.  Kinda cheesy, I know.

 Woo hoo!  The grey sweater Uggs I wanted!

 New slippers for Craig.

Coach purse!  Notice I'm already wearing my new Uggs!

And last, but not least--Groupon gift certificates.  One for the two of us to
take a wine class, and the other to take ballroom dance lessons! =)  Hey--we've
talked about it and Craig is totally open to the idea!

Merry Christmas from the two of us!


  1. OMG.. you guys are halarious! I can't believe you opened your Christmas gifts already... LOL. That is TOO funny!!!

  2. You opened your Christmas presents on Dec 12th?!!? I mean, seriously, even my 6 year old niece knows she's not going to get to open presents 2 weeks early. You guys are nuts!