I Heart Break!

I've been on Christmas break now for 5 days.  Here is just some of what I've done with my much-appreciated time off! 

Christmas in Iowa

Craig got two cases of beer, two bottles of wine, and a "This Guy Needs a Beer" tshirt!

He's officially part of the fam now.  Stocking my aunt made (and makes for all the "kids")

Our family

Enjoying the sights (and smell) of our new carpet!

Cookie Night with the Girls (Craig helped too)

BFF Sarah's Bridal Shower

Relaxing on the Couch with Kinnick

Reading (amazing book by the way!)

Holiday Baking

Finished Christmas Shopping at the Mall

I have very much loved every minute of my vacation so far, and I can only imagine the remaining 11 days will be just as great!

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  1. Ossie got that same squirrel dog toy that Kinnick got. Every time he plays with it, I end up going after him thinking he has something he shouldn't since it makes that crinkly noise.

    And I'm sad that our days off are limited... How long until Summer Break???