Five Things

Oh hey, Friday, and oh hey, February!!  It's officially back-to-work month and though I know I'm going to cry on the 21st (and probably the 19th and the 20th and who knows, maybe every day until then!), I'm getting excited that next month is March and March always brings about all sorts of happy feelings for me.  Spring break, warmer weather, the return of baseball - can't beat it!  Anyway, here are five things on this Friday.

| one |

The hubs and I snuck away for our very first date night since Rhett on Tuesday for the Eric Church concert.  Eric is the one singer we both just love and Craig bought me tickets as a birthday gift.  This was the forth time we've seen him live, the first being at a small venue in Topeka in 2012 when I was pregnant and before Eric was as well-known as he is now.  Anyway, I swear each concert is better than the last and this one took the cake for sure!  He performed two sets broken up by an intermission--and then came back on for an encore.  39 songs total according to the Kansas City Star and so many of them that have been huge hits.  Anyway, it was a ton of fun--clearly, when you don't get home until 1am--even though I had to pump on the way there and again on the drive home.

| two |

Speaking of, earlier this week I decided it was time to kick my pump to the curb!  I had been wavering back and forth on whether or not to continue pumping upon my return to work.  My schedule this year would have allowed for it, though it wouldn't have been easy so I was looking for signs to persuade me one way or another.  I'll spare you the details, but let's just say my milk was a nice shade of raspberry from cracked and bleeding nipples - again.  I decided that that was enough of a sign and started to wean myself almost immediately.  Not to mention, he's eating more, I was producing the same; we were having to start supplementing anyway.  I'm currently pumping four times per day and only for 20-30 minutes instead of the 45-60 I was doing before.  It has already been a huge weight off my shoulders to feel like my life is not quite as controlled by a darn pumping schedule and as bittersweet as it may be (#lastbaby), I do look forward to my life returning to normal once again!  (In other news, we moved Rhett into his crib and it has been going fabulously!  More normal life things!! 👏)

| three |

Last night, I did something completely out of character and signed up for Beachbody.  I am so not a person who has ever worked out regularly (or at all--I hate it, I really do) but I'm still carrying 20+ extra pounds of baby weight and I became quite upset last weekend when none of my clothes fit.  So I bought an all-access membership to Beachbody and I'm going to start drinking the Shakeology shakes once per day, as well.  My blog-turned-real-life-friend, Brittany, (also a mom of three) is my "coach" and she actually has an entire blog devoted to her fitness.  To say I'm nervous would be a huge understatement, but I have to do something about these L-Bs because I'm definitely not buying all new clothes come summer!  I may kick start the program with a 21-day fix.....but you know, not until after the Superbowl obviously!!  Anyway, I got the Cafe Latte flavor of shakes and I have high hopes they're going to be comparable to these.  Hahaha kidding.  Haha sort of.

| four |

 Speaking of the Superbowl, we're throwing a party similar to last year: BYFP.  Bring your favorite pizza.  In case you need further explanation, that can be found here.  I highly suggest throwing a BYFP party because it requires little to no prep, which is in part why I offered to host. 😉 

| five |

And not to end on a sad note, but a friend of a friend has a 4-month old in the NICU because of something that happened at daycare earlier this week.  My friend doesn't know many details, except that a miracle is their only hope right now.  This is a third baby and a boy, so it really hits home.  Please pray for this little baby and his family.  I simply cannot imagine.  

And so I don't end with such somber news, here are some of the sweet smiles we've been getting from Rhett lately!  I just love this little kid so very much!

Happy Friday!

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  1. First of all the concert - SO fun! And proud of you for doing you as a mom and what's best - you know what is BEST! And I'm so pumped for you and Craig - let's get those lbs off!!

    And praying for that babe. So sad :(

  2. Rhett is just so stinkin cute! You're putting elevating my baby fever that I didn't even think I had! Ah!!!

    Also, Eric Church...the best!

  3. We've only seen Eric Church once - a few years ago when he opened for Kenny - but, both Scott and I agreed we want to see him as the headliner. He was so good! And, dang, 39 songs?!
    I'm super excited to hear how Beach Body goes for you! I was thisclose to joining after Julia, but just couldn't pull the trigger. If you love it just maybe you'll sway me.
    And, gosh, your friend. Talk about tugging at the heart. Lifting prayers for her sweet baby.

  4. I've never even heard of Eric Church! Oops. Good luck with Beach Body! I'd love to try out their workouts. The 21 Day Fix seems like a great diet plan too. I'm sort of kind of doing it right now myself. That is so sad about your friend's baby. I hope they get their miracle.

  5. Oh sweet friend! I will be praying for you and pray that the transition back goes smooth. Bring on the baseball! I can’t wait. Yay for date night. You looked so beautiful! How was Eric Church in concert? I love him, but have never seen him perform. Praying for your friend and her baby! I cannot imagine something happening at Daycare. How frightening. Those pictures of Rhett are adorable. He’s precious!

  6. I go back to work on the 21st as well. I'm not ready! I only took a month off in January to adjust more to life with a toddler and it's gone so quickly! You have such cute boys!