Five Things {at Target}

Hooray for Friday!  And it's supposed to be near 70 degrees here this weekend.  I can hardly wait!  But first, this.  As if you need more reason to love Target, here are five!

 1. Sugarfix by BaubleBar.

Have you seen this new jewelry line at Target?  I noticed it in passing the other day and decided I need every single piece they offer!  Seriously, such cute stuff! 

pink // blue

2. These Over-the-Knee Boots.

True story.  I tried on this exact boot at my local Target over a month ago.  I loved it, but couldn't find the match and it appeared to be an online purchase that was returned, so there weren't any others in the store.  Earlier this week, I was at Target again and noticed the same boot--this time with its match!  Despite being on "clearance", the boots were still $40 (pricey for Target!) so I decided to pass.  Fast forward a few hours and I was kicking myself for not buying them.  I decided to go back the following day and get them.  Well, I tried...and they were gone.  Womp womp.  So I guess it wasn't meant to be.  Maybe I should just focus my efforts on spring transition shoes anyway.  I've got my eyes on these and these.

3. Archer Farms Frozen Quinoa Sides.

I'm pretty good about planning meals, but I struggle to come up with sides.  I found these Archer Farms frozen bags of quinoa at Target the other day.  We tried the Sriracha flavor and it was a huge hit!  Archer Farms always has the best stuff, yes?

4. Retro Games & Toys.

Have you seen the retro toys and games for sale at Target?  Things like this chatter phone, ferris wheel, record player, and cash register--pretty sure we had them all!  The funniest part--my parents still have this original cash register and Holden is obsessed with it every time we go to Iowa!  There are retro games, too (Clue, Guess Who, Battleship, Candy Land, among plenty of others!), which let's be honest, the retro versions > updates versions!  Would it be weird if I added all of these to my next Christmas list??

5. This ottoman.

We've been slowly ridding our house of all the reds and browns and we purchased this ottoman just before Rhett was born.  I love how it brightens up our living room, takes up less space than our old one, and still includes storage!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. I so want to buy that retro cash register!! Bring back such memories!

  2. Those earrings and those boots! LOVE!!! I have a gift card left over from Christmas. I may need to go!

  3. I want that retro cash register!! My kids would play with it all of the time!

  4. The retro stuff is so funny. We had that cash register!

  5. I almost pulled the trigger on some baublebar fringe earrings...but I think I'll go the Target BB route instead!!! Thanks!! Also, we're probably going to need the retro Guess Who game so we can figure out who everyone on the Bachelor looks like ;)

  6. I need to try those quinoa sides! I recently got breakfast burritos at Target that are healthy and vegetarian, and I love them!

  7. Of course I don't need any more reasons to shop at Target but you just gave me 5! Haha. Those boots are so cute! I bought some brown boots last year that I LOVE and almost bought the black ones, but decided I didn't need two of the same, and I'm STILL kicking myself for not getting the black ones! I may need to look into these!

  8. I have to get new boots next Fall/Winter. I've gotten my fair wear from the 2 pairs I have and I've been looking for some on clearance now with little to now luck!

  9. Like I need any more reasons to go to Target!
    That cash register - we need it! My kids set up all our play food and pretend to check it out, but we have no register. Guess what they're getting for Valentine's Day?!
    Those quinoa sides look amazing. I'm with you, I can never come up with any great sides. Totally trying those out.