Rhett Kauffman: 2 Months Old

 It's amazing how much you forget about each stage, even after two previous babies.  Two months is all sorts of fun and for so many reasons!  You are staying awake for much longer periods of time and you are becoming a lot more interactive.  You really observe the world around you and pay close attention when being talked to.  You even coo back to me and we have little conversations.  But perhaps my most favorite part of this current stage - the smiles!  Like, legit, real-life, happy smiles!  I seriously can't. get. enough.  I have so many iPhone photos of them and want to just bottle up your personality right now.  I really don't think there's a better feeling than when a baby begins to smile...well, except for maybe those first belly laughs, which not to rush time, but I can hardly wait!!

You are still the best baby who rarely cries.  You are sleeping through the night, about 9 to 10 hours straight.  We moved you to your room (and crib) just two days shy of your 2-month birthday and you have done amazingly well (not that I expected any less), but at 8.5 weeks old, you win the prize for the longest stay in our bedroom.  What can I say, you're the baby!  You are just a little guy, weighing in a 9 pounds 4 ounces and in the 7th percentile, but you sure make up for it with your sweetness.

Other second month things:

You were baptized along with your older brothers, which makes it all the more special.  More to come on that.

Your hyperextended ankles are so much better!  I'd like to say it was the PT exercises, but I sort of slacked off with them after the first few weeks.  At any rate, they aren't the freak show they once were!

I did start to worry about a flat spot on your head.  You always look to the right and rarely to the left.  The PT freaked me out at our follow-up for your feet, but your pediatrician assured me that you're fine and said your head shape looks great.

You had your first walk in the stroller around our neighborhood.  We've been having off and on warm temps, so I attempted a loop around the block with three kids and a dog.  I'll call it a success.

You are growing some peach fuzz on your otherwise bald head.  It typically sticks straight up after a bath.

We are officially transitioning you to formula.  I had gone back and forth for weeks and truly considered pumping upon my return to work. I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do, but was looking for little signs to convince me one way or the other.  Let's just say there were plenty of signs so I have been weaning myself from the pump for about a week now.  You are on almost all formula at this point and seem to be handling it well.  And honestly, I think it will be a huge benefit to both of us.  I won't have to ration my milk as much (I was always so concerned about filling 6 or 7 bottles per day) so hopefully you can start to pack on the pounds!  I can also go to bed much earlier now (which will be huge when I return to work) and my life won't be ruled by a stupid pumping schedule. Formula for the win!

I'm still savoring all things newborn and loving this stage more than I ever have!!!

2 Months of Rhett

Size: 9 pounds + 4 ounces (7th percentile)
22 inches long (17th percentile)
15 inch head circumference (12th percentile)

Words: None, obviously, but coo-ing and ahhh-ing and plenty of baby noises.

Activity: You love to observe the world around you.

Food: 4 ounces 6 to 7 times per day.

Sleep: Still napping quite a bit during the days and sleeping for 9 to 10 hours overnight.

Bedtime/Waketime: We put you "to bed" after your 10/10:30pm bottle and you generally wake sometime between 7 and 8am.  You used to wake up around 4am almost every night and need your paci, but that is becoming less and less frequent.

Hair: Reddish peach fuzz on top and a row of your newborn hair at your neckline that is still dark brown/auburn-ish.

Eyes: Blue

Teeth: None

Wardrobe: Still in the 0-3 month stuff.

Diapers: Size 1s.

Likes: Laying by the fire (on your DockATot), your paci, car rides, sleep, being held tightly, being swaddles, being talked to, your mama.

Dislikes: The hiccups, getting your bottle taken away mid-feeding, and being hungry.

Mommy Update: Let's just say there have been a few rough patches in regards to my current body situation, but other than that, great!

Brother Update: Brothers are still doing great and loving on you on the regular!

Mommy's Fave - Can't beat those smiles! 💙





  1. He is so, so sweet! I'm so jealous of his overnight stretches of sleep. Maci is still waking once or twice a night. Mila was a great sleeper though, so I can't complain too much I guess. LOVE the photo of your three boys. Perfection!!!

  2. OMG he's so cute! I love his little faces.

  3. Rhett is the sweetest little bald baby. I love that his personality is starting to show.

  4. Currently 9lb 4oz?! Marcus was 9lb 3oz when he was BORN. LOL!!
    Gah! Those new smiles are the best.
    Also. SO insanely envious of what a good sleeper you have. I'm pretty sure we didn't hit the monumental milestone with Julia until she was 13 months old - no joke.

  5. He is seriously THE cutest, sweetest little baby! I mean, sleeping 9-10 hours at night? Best baby EVER.

  6. What a great little sleeper!! Ours were good sleepers too and I was always so thankful since I worked with the first 2! He really is so, so cute Sarah! That last pic of him propped in the bumbo with his brothers is adorable

  7. I love all his sweet expressions! And what a little peanut he is! Finn was bigger at birth. I keep hoping I will get one small little baby!