Enjoy 2017

In the blogging world, choosing a word to focus on, rather than a resolution, is the thing to do in the new year.  Last year, I chose to relax.  Who knows if I did a good job of following through with that.  Some days were probably worse than others, but relaxing can be hard given my control-freak personality.  Anyway, I was unsure of whether or not I would choose a word again this year.  Until the other day when I was driving home from Target and heard Luke Bryan's new song Fast.  Here's the chorus:

Sixty seconds now feels more like thirty
Tick-tock, won't stop, around it goes
Sand through the glass sure falls in a hurry
All you keep trying to do is slow it down, soak it in
You're trying to make the good times last as long as you can
But you can't, man
It just goes too fast

Given three young boys, a newborn included, this song really spoke to me.  Life can be so busy and exhausting and frustrating and stressful.  But in all honesty, and as Luke sings, it goes fast.  Too fast.  

So it was at that very moment that I decided, yep I'll choose a word and my word couldn't have been more clear.  In 2017, I want to enjoy.

As far as I'm concerned, our family is now complete after the arrival of Rhett.  This is our last time to enjoy having a newborn in the house.  I want to enjoy the newborn snuggles, enjoy his little expressions, and enjoy even those sweet, little baby cries.  Because as life has proven, babies definitely don't keep.

As for the big kids, I want to enjoy their ages, as well.  Their messes, their innocence, and their love for one another.  These ages can be frustrating, no joke, but I want to make sure to enjoy the little things.  Because let's be honest, the days can be long, but the years, well they are definitely short and this stage of life is fleeting.  Soon, we will wish we were still reading books at bedtime and spending our evenings however we want--instead of focusing on homework and all things school-related.  I want to enjoy while I can, before I look back with regret.

Some days I reflect on my life and wonder how I got so lucky.  I found my prince charming, work in a career that gives me summers off, live in a nice house, and have not one, but three happy and healthy children - a lot to enjoy, for sure!  So this year, I want to do just that.

I'll leave you with the song that prompted my word.  And this year, I hope you take some time to enjoy, as well!


  1. What a perfect word - I just may have to steal it :) I always remind myself to enjoy this time in our lives because before we know it, it will be over. Our kids are only this little once, they will never love us more than this time of their lives and I want to enjoy it all and not get so wrapped up in the day to day craziness it can bring. Here's to us enjoying 2017! ps. I love that song!

  2. I always think it's hard to tell if I follow through on this kind of thing! I think my word of the year is "declutter" though, and at least some of that is actual decluttering, so I'll be able to tell! I certainly hope you enjoy everything this year!

  3. I find it hard some days to truly enjoy the kids when there is so much fighting and whining going on so this is good advice! :)

  4. Love your word!!!! I'm the same - very type-A and relaxing is near impossible - but I really am trying to ENJOY every single day in this season of life! XO

  5. Just a perfect word to describe your goals, and just a great way to live life as well. I want to be more present this year, but I like your word better! Cheers, have a great weekend!

  6. Yes!! Enjoying the blessed life we are given is so important. And it really does go by too fast.

  7. This is a wonderful word and a perfect reminder for me to love this stage, even on the hard days.

  8. Such a great word, and a great reminder for all of us! I really think I need to focus on the word relax...but, yea, I think I stress just saying it. ;)

  9. Oh friend! I just love this. Enjoy is a great word (and thing) to focus on. I could definitely stand to do this more this year, too!

  10. I love your word! I agree with everything you said - I want to enjoy this stage, even on days when I get frustrated with the kids. I try to remind myself daily that I'm going to miss it all soon enough :)

  11. Seriously the PERFECT word. I need to adopt this word as well. Last night I got so frustrated with Mason that he wouldn't go to bed because I had SO much on my to do list but I just need to stop and enjoy the fact that he still needs me and still wants me. Because one day, I am going to be chop liver and I am going to be the one crying...