Bixny Baby Review

When I got pregnant with Rhett, one of my biggest fears (no joke) was "How in the world am I going to grocery shop??"  With two young kids already, I was forced to push one of those school-bus sized shopping carts, but add an infant carrier and there would literally be no room for groceries!!

Enter my most favorite new baby product on the market: the binxy baby shopping cart hammock!  Not only is it super cute, but it's one of the best baby inventions ever, in my opinion.

What is it exactly?  A hammock-like carrier that safely clips onto a shopping cart, leaving ample room for a cart full of groceries.  It fits most standard size shopping carts and supports babies from newborn to 50 pounds.  (It is recommended, for safety reasons, you stop using when your baby is old enough to sit up on his/her own.)  For convenience sake, the hammock rolls up and can easily be stored in your diaper bag.

One of my hesitations about the hammock was that it would require me to get Rhett out of his cozy car seat in the frigidness of winter.  But to my surprise, I learned the hammock can also support an entire car seat, which I tested yesterday and it worked flawlesslyl!

I put my hammock to good use for the first time last week (Target, duh!) and right away, got a few comments from strangers about how useful of a product it is!  I couldn't agree more and I look forward to many more shopping trips with this thing!

If you are interested in purchasing a hammock of your own, click HERE for 10% off!

P.S. I took my big camera to Target to take some photos of this amazing thing, but despite my best efforts, I was too embarrassed to be snapping photos in the aisles!  (We even went early in the was still crazy busy!)  So iPhone photos are all you get today. 😉

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Binxy Baby, but all opinions are my own and I seriously think this might be my most favorite baby product.  Ever.


  1. Those bus-sized carts are no joke! Mason always wants one and I cringe every time. They are not easy to navigate at all! That cart hammock is awesomesauce! Functional, but also super cute. And the baby in it? Precious, precious little thing! So cool that you can also put the carrier in the hammock. The iPhone photos are still AMAZING!

  2. I loved this product when others have shared it but you've taken it up a notch with that last photo of Rhett sleeping in it. There is NOTHING I love more than a snuggly newborn.