10 Benefits of Formula Feeding

We've all heard the phrase "breast is best yada yada yada", right?  I really hate it because it implies that those of us who must--or choose--to feed our babies in other ways are doing something wrong...but that's another post for another day.  I was forced to supplement each of my first two babies with formula in the early days because of their lack of weight gain, and though I'm proud to say I've made it nearly six weeks this time with only a few ounces of formula, there are some definite perks of taking the formula route.  And speaking from experience, formula does not equal failure.  Society definitely made me feel that way since I couldn't give my babies what they "needed"--even though looking back I know now what they needed was formula.  So if you're in the same boat I've been and likely beating yourself up over it, here is some encouragement: 10 benefits of formula feeding.  (Not to be confused with 10 reasons to formula feed.)

1. Your life is not ruled by feedings, pumping, etc.  When breastfeeding, your life is definitely not your own.  It's impossible to sneak away for more than a few hours because, at the very least, you have to pump.  Even silly things like what you choose to eat (oatmeal for breakfast, anyone?) is tied to breastfeeding.  For me anyway, I felt a thousand times more like myself once I was done with breastmilk and that was a great feeling.

2. This goes without saying, but your husband can help!  No longer are you the lone parent in charge of feeding your babe, which can be so liberating...and a huge perk during those overnight feedings!
3. You can wear regular bras.  Maybe it's just me, but I really hate my nursing bras.  They are not comfortable, nor are they flattering.  Many new moms look forward to fitting into their pre-pregnancy clothes once again, but I look forward to my pre-baby bras!!

4. Your baby may stay full for longer.  Breast milk is digested very quickly so oftentimes the baby is ready to eat again much sooner than after a bottle of formula.  Perhaps this is part of the reason my first two babies slept through the night at such an early age?

5. Feeding is so much easier to do in public!  Sure people may judge you for not breastfeeding (let's be honest, you can't win), but it's way easier to whip out a bottle than a boob (in my opinion).  

6. Want that third glass of wine?  You don't have to worry about pumping and dumping!  (But really, you don't have to worry about that darn pump period, which is the major benefit here!)

7. Formula includes vitamin D so you don't have to remember to give your baby the drops on a daily basis...and then feel really guilty when you forget.

8. Perkier boobs.  People always say breastfeeding ruins their boobs so if you're not doing it, then maybe your boobs will stay younger longer?

9. No clogged ducts. No mastitis.  Because let me tell you, neither is fun.

10. And finally, the biggest benefit, your baby is fed.  Fed = full.  Full = happy.  And happy baby = happy mama, which is the most important in the grand scheme.


  1. YES YES YES to all of this!!! I only made it 4ish weeks with jack before switching to formula and I made the switch at 6 months with graham. They are both happy and healthy and I know they didn't miss a thing for lack of breastfeeding. Now if you're straight formula feeding I can't recommend the baby brezza formula pro any more! It makes bottles. It's amazing and well worth the cost!!

  2. One thing I loved the most about using formula with Connor was that others could tackle his eating schedule without fail while I napped, showered, ran errands, etc. I know the same can be said for breast milk but I could leave him with my parents, a bottle or two and some formula and take a break and enjoy some me time for a bit.

  3. Yes to all of this! I remember when I was done nursing/pumping for Brayden &B Ella I felt free again and was finally able to enjoy them. Avery was a completely different experience and I think it's because I didn't work, it was so much easier with her, but still a part time job nonetheless. Breastfeeding is great but ALOT of work and there is so much pressure that goes with it.

  4. LOVE this! Another perk, for me at least, was being able to order formula on Amazon that was just there when I showed up at my parents house (900 miles away) after a long flight. I didn't have to worry about bringing a pump that would take up most of a carry-on or checking it and praying nothing happened to it. I just packed a couple bottles and some of those to-go packets and boom, easy peasy traveling!

  5. Boobs = ruined for sure. haha! Also nursing bras (and nursing pads) are the worst...and having to plan outfits around nursing/pumping blows. Oh and Mastitis is the devil. I nursed/pumped and supplemented with formula...so I guess I got the best of both worlds...except the perkier boobs.

  6. Great post, friend! I had to supplement with formula with Mason because I wasn't producing enough.

  7. Love this post!!! Nursing bras = worst thing EVER.

  8. Yeeeeessssss. This whole post, just, YES.
    I was unable to nurse Marcus, and pumped exclusively for three months. I was never so damn happy to part with that pump. And, when we did make the switch to formula EVERYONE was happier. I also appreciated that Scott could feed Marcus.
    With Julia I was able to nurse (for so much longer than I ever expected), and yep. Boobs are totally, 100% ruined.

  9. I'm so with you on this! I formula fed my first, pumped for a month with my second and now my third breastfed exclusively and rejected any and all bottles until 14 weeks. He just started taking a bottle (will still only take breastmilk, sigh) and it is the best feeling EVER. While I feel lucky I am able, I'm not ashamed at all to say I strongly dislike breastfeeding :)

  10. Lasted 4.5 months with Annie and 4 weeks with Claire and switching to formula was the best decision I ever made in both instances. Couldn't agree more with these reasons! And I'm with you, I like to know exactly how much my baby is taking in ounces, maybe that's our control freak tendencies :P