Groupon Goods

This is a sponsored post.  However, all opinions are my own.  #Groupon #ad

A few weeks ago, after much prodding from Brantley, we dug the Wii out from our basement.  It's no secret that Brantley is a sports-lover and he'd been begging us for weeks to "play the game on the t.v."  Although we set some major limits on how much and how often he plays, it's one of his current favorite past times.  He loves just about every sport Wii has to offer.  And he's legit good.  He beats Craig in bowling more often than not and my parents were beyond impressed with his golf skills when he stayed with them last month.

Anyway, when Groupon reached out  to me just recently about helping to promote their site Groupon Goods and assigned me a link centered around none other than Wii products, it was like they just knew.  Clearly, it was meant to be.

So what exactly is Groupon Goods?  It's a division of the ever-popular Groupon website that offers discounts on products such as electronics, everyday essentials, toys, and even clothing!  Many of these products represent designer brands and the best thing about these "goods" is that they are delivered right to your front door!

I did a little searching from the 200,000+ good offered and here are a few that caught my eye.

I mean, seriously, I never even knew I wanted mop slippers or a foldable wine flask to-go, but I'm gonna go ahead and add those to my Christmas list right now!

Anyway, back to the Wii products.  I'm so glad Groupon reached out when they did because we were in need of a new silicone case for one of our controllers, we could probably save a little money by purchasing one of these Wii controller charging stations, and I'm pretty sure both of our boys would love this game.

Anyway, Wii products or not, I encourage you to check out Groupon Goods if you haven't already!  I've always loved Groupon, but every time I learn something new about the site, I love them even more!

Have you purchased any Groupon Goods?  If so, do share!


  1. Loce Groupon. Brantley is so adorable. I love his baseball form. Ha ha! And playing from his chair cracks me up.

  2. Love that cutting board from Groupon! would make such a great gift

  3. My youngest & I have just brought out the Wii lately & have been playing & a charging station would be super! I'm gonna have to look into that.

  4. I'm not going to lie... think of the workout you could get by using your mop slippers as you cleaned :)

  5. I love his love for sports!! So cute. Those camera lens mugs are so neat. I can’t believe I haven’t bought one yet. Those Bunch-O-Balloons were a saving grace for us this summer. So fast and convenient! I have those mop slippers. Haha! Adorable photos!

  6. Also, I am jealous of the natural light in your house!